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Pflugerville City Council Place 6

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    Victor Johnson Retired

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    Jim McDonald IT Director

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Given current budget constraints, how do you propose to manage the needs of your city, such as job growth, transportation and public safety?

What other pressing issues are facing your community and what actions would you propose to deal with those issues?

Why are you seeking this office?

Background Retired US Army; retired law enforcement. Current Director & Treasurer of Pflugerville Community Development Corp (PCDC). Certified Fraud Examiner.
Education BS in math/history State University New York. Post grad work in telecommunications at George Mason University.
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My campaign centers on those very items; Safety, Business, and Infrastructure.Safety, of course, is and should be our first concern. Not just safety as relates to our persons and property but in the broader sense; safety of our schools, our resources, and of our roadways. It is imperative that our law enforcers establish and maintain excellent communication with our youth, to foster trust and understanding.I focus on business not for the sake of business, but for the benefits that it brings our community. Business brings new jobs; jobs that Pflugerville needs. I have pledged to see that our city fully funds the maintenance of our older roadways, parks, and water works in the future.I will provide the amenities we want and safety we need.
In addition to the issues that I have previously discussed, there are matters that have great importance to our citizens.We must ensure that we provide the amenities that our residents demand;libraries, meeting places, and indoor centers.We must make the best possible use of grant money, as well as private partnerships to locate new facilities in our more distant communities.I propose that our city expedite the immediate plans for enlarging the senior’s recreation space on Immanuel as a short term solution, and that our future plans for indoor facilities include our senior’s needs. Property values, both developed and raw land, increase as demand increases and our taxes rise in proportion.We must replace our reliance on property taxes.
I am running for Pflugerville City Council, Place 6, because I recognized needs within the city that I can successfully address.I saw that in prior years our city leadership was in a reactive posture.I recognized that in the past we have not been on top of our safety game.I am a leader with a proven track record of team building, with the ability to evaluate challenges, listen to all sides, analyze possible solutions and to make the decision that best benefits the people of Pflugerville.My goal is to ensure that the city continues its growth in a responsible, safe, and sustainable manner. By emphasizing Safety, Business, and Infrastructure I will ensure that Pflugerville remains on the path to responsible,sustainable, and safe growth.
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Background IT Director for over 20 years solving complex problems with limited resources. Parks & Rec Commissioner, past pres. Rotary, and multiple other boards.
Education Cornell University, University of Texas at Arlington, Computer Science & Engineering
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Pflugerville is now in a position to be “sought” by business development rather than being a “seeker”. I would utilize this position of strength when negotiating, particularly in terms of committing City resources and incentives. We need engaged partnerships with our local business community and educational institutions to make sure we have a trained workforce in-place and ready to go to work. Let's not build businesses only to import the workforce that supports them. When we do make investments, let's create partnerships to share the cost of the needed infrastructure improvements and always look to support our local businesses. With an improved Pfocus on creating primary jobs, we can continue to minimize our dependence on property taxes.
There is one issue that encompasses all others at this time: Pflugerville’s exponentially rapid growth. Our growth impacts every aspect of our community, from governance and tax dollar allocation to quality-of-life concerns. Pflugerville will require leadership over the next several years that can identify and plan for the specific challenges brought with rapid expansion, e.g., traffic/transportation; quality of life concerns such as our recreational center(s), parks/pools/green spaces; the impact of growth on Pflugerville ISD, etc. We will require leadership that incentivizes high-quality business growth that is value-added to our tax base.
Since moving here 20 years ago, I have devoted countless hours to community service, gaining the knowledge and expertise that earned me positions on multiple Boards and Commissions. Pflugerville is a diverse community where people of many faiths, races, creeds, and ethnicities call home. I met a young mother during a neighborhood Meet & Greet and after about an hour she exclaimed, "I know you! You used to teach martial arts to my daughter." I believe that the best way to build understanding and foster relationships in our community is through service. "My vision" for Pflugerville is really the sum of the vision shared with me by all of you. We live here, our kids are growing up here, and this is where we can make the biggest difference.
Thank you for this opportunity to learn a little more about me. Our campaign is centered on three ideals: Pfocus. Pfamily. Pfuture. Pflocus on the things that matter, not minor things. Council's job is to set the strategic direction of our Big Little Town, not approve $20 meal expenses. Recognize and embrace that our Pfamily is a diverse community where every voice must be heard. I must be willing to step outside my "comfort zone" and create new circles of pfriends. And the decisions we make for our Pfuture must be long-term and sustainable, so that our children are not solving the same problems 5 or 10 years from now. Being fiscally responsible does not always mean being cheap. Thank you for your time, and I humbly ask for you vote. logo


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