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Eastern Lebanon County School Director at Large

  • Tom Ferrari (Rep)

  • Ed Gardener (Dem)

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    Tracy Hayes (Dem, Rep) College Administrator

  • Scott Houtz (Dem)

  • Leon C. Moll (Dem)

  • Barbara Smith (Rep)

  • Erin Stettler (Dem, Rep) Financial Analyst

  • Denise K. Thomas (Rep)

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    Amber Weaver (Dem, Rep) Sole Proprietor

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Education John P. Stevens High School Edison, NJ College Preparatory Courses Albright College Reading, PA Bachelor of Science Business Administration/Marketing Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ Master of Business Administration
Qualifications Having lived in the Eastern Lebanon County School District for over 16 years, I have a vested interest in seeing our community continue to succeed. As a parent of an elementary school child, a college administrator and a school and community volunteer I want to use my passion for and knowledge of education and my professional experience to benefit our children and our schools. My expectations would be to increase quality and service, create efficiency and follow the highest ethical standards.
Municipality Jackson Township
County Lebanon
My top priority is to work with all school board members & our superintendent to develop an effective school governance team whose goals & visions are focused on providing quality education to ALL students. I will work to enhance the quality of communication with the community. I will expand our social media presence in order to deepen the sense of partnership among community members. I will work to implement a school budget that is fiscally responsible & beneficial for our children & community.
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Campaign Phone (717) 866-5940
Education Graduate of Millerville University & ELCO High School. Post graduate certificate in HR from Villanova. Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.
Qualifications I have been an active member of the ELCO district most of my life, I have been involved as a volunteer in the classroom, in various booster clubs and parent organizations. I have a solid background in business that includes finance, contract negotiation and employee benefits.
Municipality Richland
County Lebanon
My top three priorities if elected to the school board are to improve the quality of education our students receive, manage the budget in a fiscally responsible way that will avoid tax increases and hold the administration accountable and do all of this in a transparent manner while taking into consideration input from the community. I think it is important that the school board listens to the community and remembers they are elected to serve the community.
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Campaign Phone (717) 271-9045
Education 1996 graduate of ELCO. Attended Indiana University of PA for Bachelors in English.
Qualifications I've been attending board meetings for over a year. And I've been very involved at the elementary and Intermediate schools, volunteering on a weekly basis for the past five years. I'm very passionate about our students and the health of our district.
Municipality Millcreek
County Lebanon
My top priority will always be the students and the quality of education they're receiving. We need to focus on improving curriculum district-wide. Fiscal responsibility; meeting the needs of our students, while being considerate to our taxpayers. Communication and collaboration between admin, teachers, board and public. It's our role to empower students with an educational experience that will offer them the skills they need to succeed, which we can achieve by working together as a united team. logo


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