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Member, Board of Education (3 to be elected)
  • Justin Osburn Project Manager

  • Mark S. Tingley (write-in)

  • Randy Turner

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What motivated you to run for election and what personal skills do you bring to the Buckeye Valley Local School District Board of Education?

What do you see as the single greatest challenge for students in the Buckeye Valley Local School District in the next four years and how do you propose to support students in meeting that challenge?

What does this school district need to provide adequate physical resources over the next four years?

I wanted to provide continuity in the board during the time of physical construction of our new West elementary building and renovation of our Ashley elementary building. I bring operations, project and program management experience to the board as well as having been a board member for one previous term.
Today's students are asked to learn at a different pace and in different ways due to rapid advancements in technology. At the same time, we want to produce students that are well rounded citizens capable of working in team based environments. To meet this challenge it is important that we provide resources for learning as well as coping with the changing societal demands of today. Buckeye Valley has progressed towards having the technology base for the students, but we need to continue to develop the security of these resources to ensure this is still a safe learning environment. Supporting our staff through good policy and planning are crucial elements of a board member's work with the schools administration. By continuing policy development and supporting our staff and students with technology infrastructure, our students will continue meeting the changes in education and society.
The district needs to maintain sound fiscal discipline as it has over the past 3 years to ensure that its physical resources are maintained to serve our community.
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