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Genoa Township Trustee, 2 to be elected
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    Karl Gebhardt Executive Director, Ohio Lake Erie Commission

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    Connie Goodman Genoa Township Trustee

  • Mark Harmon

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    Renee Vaughan Retail Merchandiser

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What motivated you to run for election and what personal skills do you bring to the Township?

What do you see as the single greatest challenge for residents in your township and how do you propose to meet that challenge?

What are your hopes for the future of your Township?

I have had a long-time interest in public service and elected office. Being in a position where I can actually get things done is rewarding. I have considerable experience in both the private sector including as a small business owner and public sector. I try to get input from the various stakeholders and if total agreement can't be reached find a compromise position. I try to avoid "hard-line positions" and use an adaptive management approach to programs - which means as circumstances or information changes then its important to re-evaluate the program or policy and adapt to the new situation. Measuring success and effectiveness of a program compared to projected goals is also a high priority. I have experience working at all levels of government - so I have contacts and resources that can help get things done for the township and taxpayers.
Managing the tax dollars while providing expected public services is the first and most important challenge in local government. I am pleased to report that Genoa Twp has been under budget and debt free while I have been a trustee. I am committed to continuing a township operated fire/ems and police department in Genoa Twp. I will be continuing to work with our safety service departments to manage costs in an effort to extend the current levies past their intended duration. Our General Fund will need to be closely managed and kept under budget. We provide outstanding parks and 18 miles of trails with no dedicated parks tax levy. I encourage the use of grants and alternative funding including private donations to operate our parks program. Being able to set a budget and stick with it cutting costs when possible but yet meeting resident expectations will continue to be a challenge into the future.
I want to continue my goal of having the majority of residents very satisfied with the programs and services provided by the township. We cannot become "isolationists" thinking activities out-side our township boundaries will not have an impact on the township. Some may be good some not so good. I want to work closer with surrounding jurisdictions on shared services and joint projects so we can anticipate and be engaged in projects that could impact the township. I want young professionals, families and empty-nesters to have the opportunity to call Genoa Twp home, to be close to friends, family and grand-kids. I will work so Genoa Township will continue to have an identity that make individuals and families proud to call Genoa Township home.
Prior to being appointed Trustee by Trustees Gebhardt and Dantonio, I actively participated in Township operations, having served as Zoning Commission chair, a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals, and a participant on multiple levy committees for Police, Fire/EMT, and Roads and Bridges. A township resident since 2005, I retired from The Ohio State University in 2015 as Assistant Registrar for Academic Records, having responsibility for personnel, budgeting, and processing of confidential information. Throughout my career at Ohio State, I was actively involved in both state and national professional associations, and served as president of the Ohio Association of Collegiate Registrars. I chaired multiple committees and presented at state and national conferences. My leadership and fiscal background, and solid understand of Genoa Township operations and challenges, gives me the most comprehensive background with which to continue my service and make sound decisions for our residents.
Fiscal responsibility and remaining debt-free is critical for our township. We must strive to stay under budget and operationally efficient so that we can continue to provide the excellent Police, Fire/EMT, roads maintenance, and park amenities. Our residents expect and deserve these quality services. Our General Fund balance has been decreasing over time due to several factors, including the loss of monies from the estate tax. The General Fund pays for anything not specifically earmarked from another account and thus should maintain a sufficient balance for normal expenditures as well as unexpected or unplanned expenses. I will continue to carefully assess expenditures for need and benefit, cut costs without cutting services, look for grants, matching funds, and donations wherever available, and strive to remain debt-free.
I believe that the majority of Genoa Township residents are pleased with the services and atmosphere of our community, and they have repeatedly indicated that as I talk with them. Our Police, Fire/EMT, roads services, and parks are top-notch and we hear that regularly. I will continue to listen to our residents regarding what they feel is important to quality of life in our township and make decisions based on input and need. My overarching goal is to continue on a path that provides desired services and amenities to our residents in the most fiscally responsible manner and keeps Genoa Township a “nice place to live”.
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Beginning with the CVS Pharmacy’s failed attempt to build a new store and disrupt the rural environment of Genoa Township several years ago, I have been actively involved in the Township- including the recent adoption of the 2016 Comprehensive (Land use) Plan. Unfortunately, I have listened to many Township residents who have attended meetings and spoken against numerous issues and then been ignored by the Zoning Commission and Trustees who voted in favor of corporate interests. This is very frustrating because Township residents are very sincere and passionate when they speak at these meetings and want their voices heard and not ignored. As a result, I have remained actively involved in the Township and am running for Trustee to represent the voices of Genoa residents to ensure issues are addressed according to residents’ wishes. I have volunteered on my church board, the neighborhood HOA and Olentangy's Attendance Boundaries Committee.
The most pressing issue in Genoa Township is maintaining the high standard of police and fire services. My priority when I am elected Trustee will be to maintain the high standard of safety within Genoa Township and keep Genoa a "safe place to live.” I feel so strongly about this that I meet with both the Police and Fire Chiefs. The police department has some valid needs and I look forward to working with Police Chief Gammill. My goal is to bring their work environment up to today’s standards so they can perform their job more professionally. The police and fire departments continue to provide excellent service and both provide many amenities that aren’t offered at other departments. For example, every Genoa Township Fire Fighter must be duel certified in EMS and Fire in the township. They are all highly trained and I vow to work with both departments to preserve the high standard of services they provide to Genoa Township.
Although my opponents think that the majority of residents in Genoa Township are pleased with the services and atmosphere of our community, it’s my experience that voters are frustrated and have real concerns. Residents speak frequently at township meetings about the comprehensive plan being ignored. Taxes have increased from school levies due to overcrowding. Our infrastructure is not being improved at the same speed as development. The fact that improving the roads has been ignored while development has continued has caused a traffic nightmare in the township for the last six months. I look forward to working with residents to make Genoa “A Better Place to Live”. logo


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