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Towamencin Supervisor

  • Richard M. Marino II (Rep)

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    Peter Murphy (Dem) Stay-at-home Dad

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Education I have an associates degree in Secondary Education, History. I took time off from going for my Masters in History to raise my kids and take care of our home.
Qualifications I have been regularly attending Board of Supervisors meetings for a few years. I have been attending other township meetings as I discovered that in order to understand what was going on in our township, the Board meetings were not enough. I have reviewed the township codes, as well as the laws governing second class townships, like Towamencin. I was an EMT for several years, before staying at home with my kids.
Municipality Towamencin
County Montgomery
I believe that for a government to be truly representational it must be transparent. Towamencin residents have no idea what is going on in the township and they are unable to participate and let their voices be heard. Once we are transparent we can address the huge debt that prevents the township from providing more services and entertainment for residents. Lastly, Towamencin has many families, and we need to encourage businesses, like a grocery store, to come to Towamencin. logo


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