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Virginia House District 8

The House of Delegates has legislative power, with the Senate, to enact laws. Delegates serve a two-year term and are eligible for reelection. The salary is $17,640 per year. A Delegate must be at least 21 years old at the time of election and be a resident of the district he/she seeks to represent.
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    Gregory D. Habeeb (Rep)

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    Steve G. McBride (Dem) Teacher and Scientist

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What changes in Virginia's method of drawing electoral district lines (redistricting) would you support?

How would you ensure voting access to all qualified Virginians?

What are your legislative priorities?

hometown Salem, Virginia
We are proud of fighting for voting rights, equal access to the ballot box, automatic restoration of rights and protecting the integrity of our election process. We look forward to working with the League of Women Voters to continue to advance these shared principles.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Candidate has not yet responded.
experience Steve is a teacher and a scientist at Virginia Tech and volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters. He grew up with his mom who needed public assistance to take care of him and his brother. Those programs helped him to become the first in his family to graduate college.
hometown Salem, Virginia
I am in favor of a nonpartisan redistricting committee.
Automatic voter registration at age 18, restoration of voting rights to felons and individuals in currently in prison, possible exceptions for people who are convicted of voter fraud. I support no questions asked absentee voting.
I want to stop wasting money on SOL testing so our teachers can focus on teaching. logo


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