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Town of Carmel Supervisor

The Supervisor is the Chief elected Official of the Town of Carmel. The position of Supervisor is a two-year term and a full-time position. The Supervisor is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the administration of Town government, as well as Chief Fiscal Officer working together with the Town Comptroller to maintain fiscal stability of the Town. Duties of the Supervisor include the administration of the Town's daily functions, budget preparation and control; overseeing legislation, executes all contracts and agreements on behalf of the Town when authorizied by the Town Board. As Chair of the Town Board, the Supervisor presides over all Town Board Voting Meetings and Town Board Work Sessions and votes on matters before the Town Board.

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What town services will you implement for consolidation of services with neighboring towns or the County?

What infrastructure upgrades will you work to accomplish while in office for your town.

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