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The Carmel Town Board is the legislative, appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town and consists of four board members, elected at large to serve a four year term, plus the Town Supervisor. Town Board members may serve an unlimited number of terms. It is the responsibility of the Town Board to enact, by resolution, all legislation including ordinances and local laws. Annual operating budgets for the Town must be approved by the Town Board; modifications and transfers between budgetary appropriations also must be approved by the Town Board; modifications and transfers between budgetary appropriations also must be authorized by the Town Board on the recommendation of the Town Supervisor. The original issuance of all Town indebtedness is subject to approval by the Town Board.
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    Michael A Barile (Rep) Property Management



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    Judie Mirra (Dem) Retired

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What do you want to achieve as a member of the Town Council?

Define the challenges to achieving those goals?

How will you overcome those challenges?

What infrastructure upgrades will you work to accomplish while in office for your town.

What town services will you implement for consolidation of services with neighboring towns or the County?

Campaign Phone (845) 621-1317
Education Yorktown High School
Bio I have been a resident and businessman in the Town of Carmel for over forty years. I wear my love and passion for this town openly. My wife of forty years and I brought up our three daughters in Carmel. Two of them are raising their families here, and my middle daughter will be moving back soon with her family. The futures of my grandchildren are vested in Carmel's ongoing achievements and civic strengths. My commitment to this community is deep and abiding. Over the past thirty years, I have attended more Town Board meetings than any private or elected officer. I have scrutinized the annual budget religiously, and believe my track record in both business and philanthropy at our local level speaks for itself as to my qualifications. My first business, Lil Motors, and my current one Lynlil Associates, have been located on Route 6 for forty plus years.
Endorsements Carmel Republican Committee, Westchester-Putnam Independence Committee, Carmel Conservative Party
Get New York City to pay their fair share of taxes, as well as work to have taxes decrease rather than increase every year.
The current elected officials in various political positions throughout the Town and County have become complacent. Instead of proactively working to change and better the community, they have allowed certain issues to become bigger problems for our community by not taking action.
Promoting transparency between the Town Board and the community has been a goal of mine for a long time. 15 years ago my business hired a videographer to tape all the meetings and we sent them to the local cable station to be aired on TV. After about two years, the town hired our videographer and the videos continue to air locally to this day. By providing facts to the public, and continuing with increased transparency moving forward, I hope to achieve my goals as Councilman.
The water infrastructure throughout Carmel is dated and deteriorating. It is causing rusty water throughout Water District 2 and many other systems within the community. This is a significant issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

I am deeply concerned with our empty storefronts, worsening traffic, and look of our main thoroughfares. The town needs a comprehensive plan that will examine the zoning map and re-write town code. I’d like to replace the diagonal parking with parallel, widen the sidewalks, and build a municipal parking lot next to Chamber Park. I’d like to acquire and convert the property behind Mahopac National Bank to a beach area and fishing dock, finally giving the public true Lake Mahopac access.
Each department throughout the County should be buying material, to include highway material, together in bulk to save money. Further, I’d like to combine the Town of Carmel engineering, building, and highway department to form a Department of Public Works. This will lower taxes.
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Campaign Phone (914) 469-7191
Facebook Judie Mirra for Carmel Town Board
Education *Master's of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education *Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences *Associates in Applied Science Degree in Human Services
Bio I was born in The Bronx and moved to Carmel from Yorktown Heights 8 years ago. My most important job has been as a Mother to three girls and Grandmother to three Grandsons. My husband and best friend lost his life to cancer 17 years ago. I was an Early Childhood Teacher for 36 years in the Greenburgh Central School District, Adjunct Professor at the College of New Rochelle for 5 years and Day Camp Director for the Town of Greenburgh and the White Palins YMYWCA for 23 years.
Endorsements Mahopac Teachers Association Greenburgh Teachers Federation Carmel/Mahopac Democratic Committee Eleanor's Legacy
Our town needs to better serve the needs of our people. I would like to see a vision and a plan for the town's future that is built around the needs of ALL constituents; our businesses, our kids, working families and seniors while protecting the natural resources that make Carmel and Mahopac a beautiful home to us all. I have looked to see how we could save taxpayers money. For instance, the City of Beacon has a plan to expand clean energy and reduce electrical costs. The NYS Public Service Commission has approved a plan that allows remote solar farms to offset the cost of street lights, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. The opioid epidemic needs our immediate attention. We must be proactive to make sure that those impacted receive immediate medical and therapeutic treatment so that they have the chance to lead healthy, productive, drug-free lives. I strongly support our town's historic sites. It is our history and must be preserved for future generations.
The Town Board has been more inactive and reactive rather than visionary, so it will be a challenge to change the approach of people doing the same job for years. We need new voices asking different questions. Implementing a visionary plan will require addressing a complex set of goals, looking carefully at what other towns are doing right, thinking out of the box and then we will need to prioritize efforts, use funds very efficiently and, perhaps the most important, LISTEN carefully to all of our residents.
I will be a new voice, not beholden to anyone. Being retired, I will be able to serve on other committees, ask questions and bring the concerns of the many residents who feel that their voices have not been represented. We need to open our doors to all of our residents with community forums and town meetings. We need to give residents the opportunity to talk and they need to know that we are truly listening. I will look at best practices in towns similar to ours and take advantage of their experiences and innovations. How can we use clean energy to reduce the town's energy costs (example given above)? How can we develop retail areas that draw people out? How do we find other sources of tax revenue beyond our property owners? We need to work with the county to revisit discussions with New York City and its agencies regarding land and water usage and its impact on our development and tax base. We need to ask more of our real estate developers so they can be part of the town's vision.
There are three major areas that need to be addressed; traffic, water and recreation. All three involve collaboration with other governments and their agencies, as well as developers. We need to improve the flow of traffic through our villages, a complex problem because we do not have total control over Route 6. Parking needs to be improved in the village of Mahopac in a manner that will support a lively retail and small business center. Our sewage systems need to be updated. The ancient pipes and misuse of sewage mean the local treatment plant gets overloaded in the spring and the town gets fined. The recreation improvements currently under consideration must be fiscally sound while addressing the needs of all of our residents. While I completely agree that improved sports facilities are very important to our community, I know we need a broader set of recreation facilities that includes opportunities for kids and adults who want to perform, act, write, build and code computers too.
We should not be afraid to research and explore any opportunity to be more efficient with taxpayer money. In some cases, there may be good reasons not to consolidate, however, in other places we should try. Coordination of efforts to maintain our roads is a great example where government service could be improved. Robert Langley Jr., candidate for Putnam County Sheriff, has a clear vision of how law enforcement services should be coordinated between the towns and county. Administrative services, purchasing and contracts are all areas that should be explored. logo


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