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    Jim Browning Financial Advisor (REALLY ... Husband, Father, Family Member, Friend, Financial Advisor and Business Partner)

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    Ben Kelly Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Nationwide Children's Hospital

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    George Mantzoros Real Estate Broker

  • George McNab

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What motivated you to run for election and what personal skills do you bring to Council?

What do you see as the single greatest challenge for your constituents and how do you propose to meet that challenge?

What are your hopes for the future of your community?

I am motivated to run because our City has been good to me.

About 7 years ago, the City helped my neighborhood, Stratford Woods, get our park updated with trees, a multi-use trail, bench swings and a basketball hoop. (All funds were from the Rec levy.) It's a wonderful park and it almost didn't happen. The evening of the "big meeting" with the neighborhood to decide the parks fate, the City sent 10-12 representatives to answer all the resident's questions/concerns. It was incredible! Every issue was addressed and every question answered. (In fact, there were more staff from the City there than residents!) To this day, I am thankful for what the City staff did for our neighborhood and park. They were self-less, and away from their families for the night. They are why I serve and why I am running.

In my day job, I'm a financial advisor which requires good listening, discipline and developing a long term strategy and I believe these same skills will help as I serve on Council.
Building trust.

As your Councilman, I want you, my neighbors, to have meaningful communication and involvement with our City government: having a voice and being heard. I think we need to build on opportunities for people to engage with City staff. I've previously used the phrase, "bring the government to the people" and I think a great example of that is the Delaware City Police and their "Coffee with a Cop" series. It puts representatives from the City in a place for conversation with residents. And a good kind of conversation too! (instead of when we might get pulled over for speeding... Ouch!). Kudo's to Chief Pijanowski and staff! It's a chance to share a different perspective, learn from each other and begin to trust one another again.
Pride and Opportunity!

I hope Delaware can retain the small town feel and be a place for opportunity. A City that is respectful of the past, hopeful for the future and home to a dependable, diverse and growing economy. A place to call home and be a good neighbor.

And I hope I can continue to serve as your representative to City Council. Thank you for your consideration.
I’ve spent my entire career in pediatric research and seeing my work impact the lives of children with cancer and genetic disorders has caused me to seek out more opportunities to make a difference and I feel that local government is where I can contribute in a positive, tangible way. I want an opportunity to show both current and prospective residents and businesses how fortunate we are to have found such a great place to work and raise our families. I want to be accessible to residents of the Third Ward, in order to know how they’re experiencing life in Delaware and what the city can do to make it better. I want to work more closely with the amazing people I met while enrolled in the Delaware Citizens Academy who provide city services to our residents and are making a difference daily. I’m a researcher in all aspects of my life. It stems from my desire to have all the information in front of me before making decisions and it is a quality I will bring to Council.
Connectivity is a major issue for those in Delaware’s 3rd Ward. Residents would spend more time and money in Delaware if it were easier to get downtown, to the YMCA, or to other desirable locations. Improving connectivity through building more roads is challenging, given the lack of funds for road improvement projects, but encouraging residential and commercial development can help defray costs. Downtown parking also hinders connectivity, and I am in favor of doing what we can to accelerate common sense and minimal cost improvements, such as demand based parking rates and promoting the health benefits of walking an extra block or two from a free lot. It’s not just physical connectivity that’s an issue. I also believe that more city functions should held at various locations other than downtown or city hall, encouraging involvement and giving residents a greater sense of connection to the city in which they reside.
Delaware is a great place to raise a family, to work, and to build a business. The growth we’re seeing in and around our community is overwhelmingly positive, and we should make every attempt to sustain it without compromising our small town feel and top-notch city services. There are some tough choices ahead regarding the city’s roads, both in new projects and maintaining what we have. The growth of the city depends on the quality of its infrastructure, but the city must make fiscally responsible choices that are done with input from it’s citizens, both in knowing what their priorities are and how confident they are that their money is being spent efficiently and effectively. Circumstances change, as do the priorities and financial well-being of the city and it’s residents. This a major reason why I, should I be chosen to represent the Delaware’s 3rd Ward, won’t be taking part in placing a permanent levy before the voters.
Several years ago I shared with some public officials my desire to become more active in the city of Delaware. This resulted in making me aware of the many committees within local government, which I could volunteer for. I applied for and interviewed for an open seat on the City Planning Commission. I have been a Commissioner with the City Planning Commission since February 2013. I am currently the vice chairman of the Planning Commission. During this time, I have completed the Citizens Academy and I have discovered even more great things about the City of Delaware and its potential opportunities. I have also been appointed to sit on DPAC, downtown parking advocacy committee. Achieving my goal to serve and represent the constituents of the Third Ward will allow me to continue to serve the City of Delaware.
Living on the south end of town, many friends and neighbors have shared with me they feel disconnected with the city. I often find myself sharing with them how much the city and especially downtown has to offer. Delaware has become a destination with the variety of restaurants, the festivals and first Friday events it has to offer. Communicating to the residents of the third ward about the numerous family friendly events the city offers will hopefully bring more neighbors to downtown and make them think twice about going elswhere.
I will commit to support and strive to promote continued and sustainable growth throughout the city of Delaware and commit to work diligently and ethically for the residents of the 3rd Ward and for all the citizens of Delaware.

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