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City of Albany Common Council Ward 2

The Common Council, the elected legislative body of the City, consists of 15 Council Members and a President. Established by the Dongan Charter on July 22, 1686, Albany’s Common Council convenes on the first and third Monday of every month to review and act on legislation and resolutions for the government of the City and the management of its business. The Council also holds public hearings to obtain citizens’ views and opinions on certain pieces of legislation. term 4 years Salary Member $22,814
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    Derek A Johnson (Dem) home school coordinator

  • Marc D Johnson (WF)

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Campaign Address 69 Trinity Pl. apt. 209
Campaign Phone (518) 470-3827
Community Involvement The Neighborhood Based Alliance-South End
Experience and Qualifications Involved in many community functions
Occupation and Special Skills Working through difficult situations with Admin., teachers, parents, and students in no particular order. I advocate where it is needed.
Website, facebook page or other links Facebook Derek Johnson
I have always been a community 1st type of person who did a lot from the back ground. The way things are going presently I feel the need to step up and be the voice that our community needs to bring us together. I have watched our area get represented by someone who didn't live in our community and that bothered me to the point where I felt the need to step up and become the person. I have many relationships that I think will assist me in bringing the 2nd Ward together. I have live most of my life in the 2nd ward and I work in the 2nd so I am always around. There is no questions about where I live. People have been coming to me for years with there concerns and as always I do my best to get them a response. I understand how this city operates and I use that to address the concerns that are brought to me.
First thing I will be visible and would like to bring the 2nd Ward Committee to the point where it is truly reflective of our community and the people who are connected to the 2nd Ward. I hear from people that they do not feel connected to local government and I feel that having someone that they already have an connection with is the fast track to getting people involved. Our community is tired of the same ole same. We don't need another friend of the mayor who is not going to push for what the community really needs. I would also like to start programming to address our youth, who seem to be more under prepared for life. we have to get them job ready and we have a lot of vacant buildings and I see a training program with the help of the local unions to get some of our youth ready so that they could be considered for potential employment with the same unions. Then we will start to see the change that is necessary because we are starting to include people who always left out.
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