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Pueblo City Council District 1

There are seven (7) elected Pueblo City Council members who govern Pueblo. Council-members are elected for four-year terms in staggered elections. Electors will be selecting one Council Member for the District 1 seat, for 4-Year Term expiring December 31, 2021.
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    Tommy Farrell (N) Engineering Aide

  • Robert Schilling (N) real estate broker

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    Michael Stapleton (N) Customer Service Team Lead

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What are your priorities if elected?

What knowledge and experience will you bring to this council?

What strategy would you advocate for to solve problems arising from aging infrastructure including aging roadways?

What role do you think the city has in supporting local business?

Background I was born and raised in Pueblo County and Pueblo is my home. I am a proud graduate of Colorado State University - Pueblo.
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My priority would be making sure city council’s priorities match those of the voters. For many years voters have indicated that their priorities are public safety and infrastructure. If elected to city council, I would make these my priority.
After graduating from Colorado State University Pueblo, I accepted a position with the Boy Scouts of America. While there, I learned the importance of leadership through service and gained experience balancing budgets, managing staff resources, and building community relations. I currently work for a powerline engineering firm. This work has given me experience in the electric utility industry - experience that will be crucial to the work of the next Pueblo City Council as they evaluate options regarding leaving our agreement with Black Hills Energy.
On this year’s ballot, we have Ballot Question No. 2c asking to create a Street Repair Enterprise. If this passes, there will be additional funds specifically for street repairs and addressing our aging roads. If it does not pass, other solutions will be required. With a growing city budget, street repair will need to be part of the discussion. Our aging infrastructure needs to be a priority for our next council, whether it be with the Street Repair Enterprise or not.
Supporting local business is obviously important to continue to grow our local economy. We need to ensure that local entrepreneurs have a path to success and the support needed in the process of starting a local business. PEDCO, along with attracting outside business, has a role in this support. We have seen this role recently with the help that was given to locally owned Grady’s Foodservice and Equipment Supplies in expanding and creating new jobs.
Background City council 98-05 pres.2005, chamber bd, Boys & Girls Club bd, Nature Ctr. bd, St. Mary Corwin Foundation bd., KTSC bd, Colo. International Air Show bd., United Way mentor
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To be a real asset.then naturally police, fire, public works.
11 years on council
Pass the city's ballot question
Must be a nurturer, partner
Background Married with 3 adult children all residing in Pueblo. Been in customer service, sales and management with an Industrial parts distributor for almost 24 years. Have lived in Pueblo and Pueblo County for much of my life, except for a 10 year period as a child and 4 1/2 years while i served in the US Army.
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My first priority is to be the voice of the people, truly be elected representation, Government at all level has become disengaged and out of touch with the average citizen. I want to be at the level of the people, build relationship, listen to their concerns and respond to what they are expecting government to do, especially at the local level. Also to represent the taxpayers, show the people a tangible return on what has bee taken through taxation, Serving as city council person i will bring Principles to the office, not a political opinion or agenda. I will work to seek common principles with the people of Pueblo, then collaborate on solutions that benefit the entire community. I will also apply the principles of Limited Government, make sure the essential service of Streets, Police, and Fire that are the basics of City Government, that we apply budget and resource management and expense transparency.
I will bring to City Council, the teamwork skills and collaboration that were developed during my service in the US Army. I will also bring my years of experience in budget and resource management to Pueblo City Council. I'm also a study of Free market economics and Self Governance,
I would apply budget and resource management,make sure we are appropriately utilizing the transportation tax money that comes back to Pueblo from the State of Colorado is used for the purpose of street maintenance, review expenses and discretionary spending make sure the people of pueblo are getting what they deserve in the essential services of streets, the pathway that connects people and makes for an open and thriving market.
The best thing the City Government can do is get out of the way of the Market and let it work. I am committed to reviewing regulations on business that have a negative impact on business. Unless it has an element of safety, protects against fraud, the size and scope of government involvement, that creates barriers need to be reduced. Let the Free Market Work. logo


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