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There are seven (7) elected Pueblo City Council members who govern Pueblo. Council-members are elected for four-year terms in staggered elections. Electors will be selecting two Council Members At Large, who will serve a 4-Year Term expiring December 31, 2021.
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    Mark Aliff Sales Manager

  • Kevin Cover Sales Management

  • Dennis Flores Retired Insurance Executive/Risk Manager

  • Ieshia M. Jiron General Manager, American Pride Growers, LLC

  • Joseph A. Latino Retired Educator

  • Jason Munoz

  • Charlotte Perez

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What are your priorities if elected?

What knowledge and experience will you bring to this council?

What strategy would you advocate for to solve problems arising from aging infrastructure including aging roadways?

What role do you think the city has in supporting local business?

Background I am a fourth generation Puebloan who is passionate about our community. My great-grandparents immigrated here from Ireland over a century ago instilling in their prodigy the risk and reward of hard work and entrepreneurialism. I believe we have a bright and prosperous future ahead of us in this community and I want to be a part of journey.
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First, and foremost, council needs to create clear and concise goals that will aid in the implementation of policy going forward. I will seek consensus on city council that adheres to the city charter mandate that essential services funding always takes priority over non-essential services funding. I will advocate for a line by line review of the budget to identify wasteful and unnecessary spending. City revenue has grown by $8 million over the last four years and is expected to be closer to $14 million next year, when compared to 2014. It would be difficult to comprehend that money could not be found to hire new police officers and repair our crumbling roads without raising taxes. The community has asked for adequate police staffing and road repairs to be the top two priorities of council for at least ten years and these issues must now become the priority of the incoming council.
I have worked my way to the top of my industry developing strong leadership skills along the way. I have successfully managed multi-million dollar budgets always maintaining strong profits. I value fiscal responsibility and understand it is the responsibility of government to spend only what it receives. I will bring leadership to city council that is ready and eager to make the hard decisions needed to ensure the safety and infrastructure of our city is priority one!
I will advocate that the $2.4 million from the Highway Users Transportation Fund that is currently allocated to personnel expenses be used for what it is intended, repairing and re-paving our streets.
I believe in the rights of free enterprise and that public policy should encourage a vibrant economy, business competition, and private sector job growth.The city must always be cognizant of the fact that local small business is the lifeblood of the community. The culture of city government should be one of pro-business. Streamlined application processes and a business friendly environment within city government must be the norm. The half-cent tax that funds economic development in Pueblo is a must for the city. Pueblo must always be ready to offer incentives to businesses that are looking to relocate. This is a complicated process that takes a tremendous amount of time and money to facilitate. Over the years that the half-cent tax has been in place, PEDCO has always acted in the best interest of the city and has been extremely successful in creating jobs for Pueblo. I strongly support the half-cent economic development tax.
Background I was born and raised in Pueblo. I spent three years away playing college baseball, but always knew that I wanted to come back. Pueblo is home. I want to tell you that I've always believed that Pueblo is a sleeping giant. We have everything that we need here to make this a premier place to live. We have the climate, the culture, the landscape, the food, and most importantly we have the people. I refuse to settle for the status quo when it comes to Pueblo. We can be great. I may not have the experience that you are looking for, but I've got the passion. Passion for Pueblo is more than a political slogan. It's a battle cry for those of us that believe in this town.
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​If I am elected, my top priorities will be to make it easier to create and attract new business. Along with that, I intend to make our city government much more approachable. I believe that I can do that by being completely transparent at all times. This approach will encourage more people in the community to get involved in moving this city forward.
​Speaking of transparency, I don’t have any experience when it comes to politics. If political experience is important to you, then I’m probably not your guy. That said, if you’re looking for someone with a fresh set of eyes and someone that truly believes that this town can be a premier place to live, then maybe I’m someone that you should consider. Experience can be a great thing, but I will say that it hasn’t necessarily gotten us to where we want to be at this point.
​We need to encourage the creation of new business in this town instead of discouraging it. We need to streamline the process for new business. Doing so will broaden the tax base and allow the city to pay for it with new money generated from new sales tax and new property tax, instead of raising taxes on the existing members of our community.
The city plays a huge role in supporting local business. I believe that we need to create a new organization or committee that specializes in fostering/attracting new local business. Very similar to the original intent of the Pueblo City Center Partnership. As a city, we need to encourage new business by having a streamlined process.
Background Have lived in Pueblo, Co. Most of my life. I attended school here and graduated from South High School and also got my Business Degree at CSU-Pueblo. I had a 42 year career as a Risk Manager and Commercial Insurance agent and broker. I was elected twice as a Board Member to Pueblo School District #60, in 2003 I chaired a bond campaign for the school district in the amount of $100 million which passed and in 2009 I co-chaired a TABOR time out for Pueblo County in the amount of $22 million which went to build the Pueblo City/County Health Department building, fix roads and upgrade sport venue's. In 2011 I was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper to the CSU System Board of Govenors and reappointed in 2014 until 12/2018. This board governs CSU-Ft. Collins, CSU-Pueblo and CSU Global Campus. In 2014 I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Pueblo City Council in which I served for 14 months. I did not run for my seat due to my wife's illness. I was her caregiver until her death in 2016. During my working life I also give my time to several civic organizations such as: Latino Chamber of Commerce (President 1991), Pueblo Independent Insurance Agents Association, Fountain Creek Commission, Pueblo Regional Planning Commission, Trustee - St. Mary Corwin Medical Center, Member and Founder of the EPIC Loan Program, Latino Chamber Foundation (Current President), Advisory Board Member - US Bank, Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority and others.
Contact phone 719-561-8111 or 710-406-9852
The following are my priorities: 1. Provide a permanent plan to repair our streets and roads and also begin and inventory of our infrastructure needs. 2. Provide additional Police Officers with additional resources for equipment including new technologies that will make them more productive. 3.Commission a white paper that will provide a solution that will stop the retail sales tax leakage in Pueblo that will include: online sales, under-reporting of sales figures by businesses and purchasing items outside of Pueblo. This has a huge impact on our ability as a city to provide the services our citizens expect. Maybe if we are collecting the proper tax for a city our size we would not need to continually ask for sales tax hikes. 4. Have better communication with our large institutions so that we can talk periodically about what each is doing like unfilled jobs, expansions, economic opportunities, educational needs, etc. 5. The city has to help develop programs that provide training, retraining, leadership skills, professional development and others to strengthen our work force. This will help our workers to gain additional skills, become more valuable to new businesses coming to Pueblo and increase wages.6.Our city has to look at adding new technologies to help our various departments. 7.The development of a new stradegy to control the Opiate crisis in our city. This stradegy has to include bringing all of our resources together to have a cohesive plan. We need a system that brings everyone to the table. We can no longer be fragmented into our own protected territories. This addiction problem is at the crux of our issues involving crime, homelessness, child abuse, high strains of infections, lost productivity, over prescribing of Opioid medicines and abuse of drugs in general. The community: medical, mental health, health department, police, sheriff, department of social services, homeless agencies etc. must come together to take this problem comprehensively. 8.Housing issues must be addressed. We have an opportunity to develop housing in the downtown and Union Avenue District by looking at the demand of both young and old homeowners. The demand is high through out the U.S. We need to look at ways to develop these area's so as to also help spur more small retail businesses. 9. We need to set high expectations for all of our departments that they need to be more user friendly. The interaction with our city should be of helping our citizens and business community to succeed and not make it a bad experience. The City should be here to encourage success and not to discourage or hamper our citizens. I will work with the CIty Manager to change this culture where needed. 10. We need to address issues involving the Fountain Creak: The National Flood Insurance Program, the need to review the protection of the Levee system that only protects us for an 100 year event and we need to continue to monitor for pollutants and debris that flows into our city for the safety of our citizens. 11. We need to look at the operations of the City by looking at resource allocation, purchasing of equipment that will make us more productive, stop doing those things that are no longer necessary, providing the training that helps our workforce, restructuring certain departments that may be overlapping and more importantly to look at the reallocation of resources based on the priorities set by the Council and City Manager.
( Please refer to my answers to my background above) I have extensive knowledge in all areas of government due to my work, my education, having served on City Council, having served on various City commissions and boards, my civic involvement, my military service ( I am a Vietnam Veteran) and most importantly my working on budgets from $100 million to $1.2 billion.
My strategy would advocate setting priorities by having an up to date inventory of our needs along with looking at our budget. We need to set aside annual dollars to continually fix our roads and our infrastructure.
I support the half cent sales tax for providing incentives to companies that will locate in Pueblo. I believe the City should set the culture for our businesses that we are their advocates in setting the right climate. We have an obligation in bringing more tourist, make our city desirable in doing business, improving our education system, having trained employees, having a robust economy so as retail sales keep rising, improving housing opportunities, directing businesses to having access to capital and having a strong transportation system.
Background Born and raised here in Pueblo. I went to Centennial High School. I worked for Target Distribution for 15 years and I currently manage Leaf on the Mesa in Blende.
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My two main concerns are Public Safety and Jobs! Public Safety: We cannot grow and prosper as a city if we are not safe. I have been to the county jail and have spoken with employees. As soon as you walk into the jail it smells terrible (sewer). The building is falling apart, 500 capacity with over 700 inmates. Not only is this not safe for the inmates, but unacceptable and very dangerous for the employees. There is no room told hold violators accountable, so if you are wondering why the “the guy or gal” who was involved in domestic violence, or robbed the local convenience store, or the persons who are stilling vehicles are back on the streets, it is because they have no place to hold them in the jail. So they are released back on the streets and back to re- offending…Unacceptable! Our Pueblo Police Officers, Pueblo County Sheriff’s Officers and Pueblo Fire Fighters are all short staffed making it an UNSAFE community!!! We need to protect our Community!!!! Jobs: Our city needs JOBS and we need to protect our current jobs! I met with PEDCO and I had the chance to understand their process and spoke a little about the future of Pueblo. I was told that they have some new projects in the works, but was not given any details on those due to confidentiality agreements with future companies. I believe in transparency and expressed how important it is for the city and community to understand there process and potential projects. This is what our community wants is Transparency! I am also concerned about the process of opening new businesses. I have heard several concerns on how hard it is to open up a business here in Pueblo. The process is disappointing and discouraging to potential business owners. Current Jobs! Protect current small businesses and protect the Cannabis Industry. The Cannabis industry has brought over 1400 jobs here to Pueblo and Pueblo County and that number is growing! I could go on forever about how the cannabis industry is so important to our community.
I will bring new ideas and new leadership. I have experience in managing corporation budgets and I have strong leadership/structuring skills. I want to repair the broken relationship that exist between City Council and the public.
I would like to implement a structured plan that has consistent maintenance programs that will maintain streets and structures. If we don't have a plan to maintain, it will cost the city more to replace or rebuild.
HUGE role! We as a community need to support our local business. We also have to promote and market Pueblo for businesses small and industrial. We have a wonderful/beautiful city with so many opportunities. City council also needs to work with planning and development to ensure that new small business are not discouraged with the business application process.
Background Educator for 30 years. Served on the Pueblo Rape Crisis Board, Concerned Citizens of Roselawn Cemetery, former director of the Damon Runyon Sports Complex, founder of the Pillars of Unity a community activist group.
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My priorities are to rid the community of the fear for their safety. To make sure the infrastructure is adequate; to invest in the small businesses that are already established in Pueblo; to increase the police force and establish substations in the four quadrants of the city; to explore other options to Black Hills Energy.
My involvement in the community and my background give me an opportunity to show leadership as a city councilman. I was teacher, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, area administrator in two large metropolitan school systems. I was born, raised, and educated in Pueblo, Colorado, so have a deep understanding of this community. I have worked with substantial budgets. I know how to bring people together to get the desired results.
We need to scrutinize the current budget to see if every dollar is being spent wisely. Then we need to prioritize the most pressing infrastructure needs and address those areas first. We need to explore using PEDCO funds to enhance our community, including roads, so we are better able to compete with other communities for jobs.
This should be a priority to support local businesses and help them grow because they have made a commitment to Pueblo. They provide jobs and a tax base which are critical for a town to thrive. I would encourage PEDCO to support local businesses first. They are here contributing to the economic stability.
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