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Chatham Township Committee, For unexpired 2yr term

Vote for Chatham Township Committee for the unexpired 2 year term, two candidates, vote for one.
  • Tayfun Selen (Rep)

  • Salil S. Sheth (Dem) Real Estate

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What in you personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

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I feel as though there are several important challenges facing our Community that need to be addressed. I think we need to mend our relationship with the Borough to then work with them to improve the parking situation at the train station. This is of paramount importance. If we cannot offer ample parking to the residents of The Chatham’s, and other towns can, we are all at a competitive disadvantage to potential new home buyers looking to relocate to this area. Secondly, I would look to pursue weekly curbside recycling. This will assist the Township residents with convenience from not having to go to the recycling center on off weeks. he manner in which people live has changed, yet our garbage and recycling pick-up program has not kept up with those times. We also need to build a sense of Community. We have neighborhood associations, which is nice, but no major Township-wide Director that brings everyone together. Part of the issue with this is that there is no place to congregate, something that will need to be changed. Other towns have events, yet the Township does not and the current administration suggests if we want to attend family-geared activities, that we go to neighboring towns. That is not the right answer. We need our own events that caters to all age groups throughout the year. This is something that will help all of us, regardless of political affiliation, when selling a home to someone looking to move in Chatham Township. Amenities matter.
Professionally, I work for a large multi-family Class A real estate developer where we build apartments for rent throughout the Northeast, from Virginia to Massachusetts. I can use that experience when it comes to the Dixiedale development as well as for the Affordable housing development in working with the Planning Board to make sure that the developments, if passed, address the concerns of all residents. In my career, I deal a lot with budgets and listening to people. I can use those same skills to make sure that we are operating as a conservatively as we can fiscally, while simultaneously listening to our residents to see how we can improve the Community for all. Being open and transparent, to lending an ear for people to be heard, is vitally important to keeping the residents of Chatham happy, engaged and enthusiastic with the direction in which we are all headed. Our campaign, which demonstrates unity and a willing to work as a team is of significance as well because in order to achieve greater heights, the Committee must function as one unit, and not appear to be fractured hampering progress. I grew up in Chatham, having attended Milton, the middle school which is now the ECLC building in the Borough behind the train station and was the first class to go through Chatham High School once we merged, graduating in 1992. I have also been a coach in town for many years, having coached both boys and girls in soccer, football, basketball, softball and baseball. logo


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