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White Settlement Mayor

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    Jerry R Burns Retired

  • Ronald A White

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What are the most critical issues facing your city, and what solutions can you offer?

Occupation Retired from Lockheed Martin
Education Brewer High School 1968 Graduate // Tarrant County Junior College - Certification in HVAC in 1976 // University of Texas of Arlington
Experience 12 years as an elected official // 6 years as Mayor // 6 years as City Councilman // 8 years EDC Board Member // Currently serving on EDC and BAA Boards for White Settlement
I am running for mayor in order to re-energize economic opportunities for those looking to invest in our city. This will include working on our infrastructure to accommodate future growth.
Having served as city councilman and mayor for 12 years, I have a wealth of experience and understand the interactions of the city council, mayor, and staff. As a White Settlement native, I have a lifelong investment in seeing our community succeed.
Transparency is a key issue in bringing our constituents and elected officials together. My goal is to provide up-to-date websites that will be user-friendly to the community. I hope to utilize our current resources to streamline information so the public can easily find what they are looking for. Another goal is to facilitate navigation between different departments and reports. I will also work towards making city reports easier for everyone to understand. It will be our goal to offer the public as much information as legally allowed by the Texas Comptroller's Office.
I will encourage citizens to become more involved in local government by striving to ensure all forms of communication, including all social media outlets, broadcast any service opportunities or social events.
Issue #1 - Multi-family housing units discouraging prospective residents/investors from moving into our community. Solution #1 - Restructure requirements to improve quality of life in multi-family housing units. Issue #2 - Potential Crime from the Fort Worth - Las Vegas Trail displacement of residents. Solution #2 - Work closely with the Crime Board, Police Department & Fire Department to meet these organizations' ever changing needs.
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