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Benbrook Water Authority Board of Directors

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  • Dave Clark

  • David Hafer Aviation Technical Systems Specialist

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    Rick Whitehurst Investment Banker

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Occupation Aviation Technical Systems Specialist, FAA
Education B.A., Mathematics and English Majors, Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, TX; U.S. Air Force Squadron Officer School and Air Command and Staff College; FAA Air Traffic Management and Project Management courses.
Experience Air Traffic Control Specialist/Tower Supervisor, Project Coordinator, Federal Aviation Administration (28 yrs.); U.S. Air Force Operations Support Officer/Commander (37 yrs.); H.S. Mathematics teacher; municipal police officer, volunteer firefighter
Benbrook Economic Development Corp. Board of Directors (7 yrs., Vice Pres. 2 yrs.). Management/leadership training and experience: FAA (28 yrs.); U.S. Air Force Active Duty & Reserve (37 yrs.); Volunteer fire company treasurer (3 yrs.)
1. Visibility and transparency of the BWA Board need to be improved. Board meetings should be video recorded and placed on the BWA website within a week after each meeting. Meeting minutes should be posted on the website in a timely manner. 2. The Board should be more responsive to citizens, treat them with respect and be cooperative with other local government entities.
The current culture and attitude of the board is a significant challenge. In September the Board moved their regular meeting time from 5:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. That action discourages participation and makes it difficult for citizens who work during daytime to attend the board’s public meetings. Minutes of Board meetings have not been posted on the BWA website for 3 months.
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Phone (817) 504-5122
Occupation 38 years as investment executive
Education Arlington Heights High School North Texas State University United States Army Schools
Experience I have served on the Board for several years, we as a board have been working to update our system and modernize the system. Greatest accomplishment is the awards from State of Texas recognizing the operations and quality of water we furnish.
I am running for the Board of Directors of the Benbrook Water Authority. We provide water and sanitary sewer services for the City of Benbrook. I have served the Citizens as member of the board and am very proud of the quality of services of BWA
We are not a district but Authority. Continuing to provide the quality of services while maintaining costs for the citizens. We are controlled not only by the State of Texas but the Federal Government. Much of the cost of the Authority is controlled by regulations that do not include money to pay for them.... Unfunded Mandates.
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