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The Charlottesville City School Board is made up of seven members elected to at-large seats. School board members serve four-year staggered terms in November. The chairperson and vice-chairperson are elected by the entire board annually.Duties of the School Board include: Setting policy for the school division Hiring and evaluating the superintendent Approving a budget to meet the financial needs of the school division Approving the annual school calendar and school operating times Determining school boundaries
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    Lisa D. Larson-Torres (I) Health care provider - Physical Therapist

  • Leah W. Puryear (I)

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    Juandiego R. Wade (I) Career Counselor with Albemarle County Department of Social Services

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What policies or programs would you advocate to close opportunity gaps among children in your division and to establish greater equity and access to learning resources for all students?

What steps would you take as a school board member to return state aid to previous levels to provide for more of the costs of local education to be paid from a more diverse tax base than simply local real estate taxes?

Would you favor the end of SOL testing in favor of alternate assessments like completion of special projects or student portfolios of their work over several years.? What is the best way to measure student academic performance?

Currently, the Charlottesville City Schools offer several programs to support kids in our community. Literacy success is extremely important to me and the division has implemented EBL (Extending the Bridges of Literacy) in K-5 the last two years and I look forward to seeing how a program like this can be improved upon. I also feel AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a great program that offers support and builds community and confidence in our students.
Fostering relationships with those who may have an impact and lobbying powers at the State and Federal levels is important and something I will be committed to doing. A continued close and open relationship with the City Council and local government officials is also important. I will work with the rest of the Board to ensure these officials understand the school divisions priorities as related to the success of our kids and how that relates to our community.
I strongly believe in assessments and accountability of teachers and schools and SOL's are mandated by the State. The schools are already integrating project-based learning and student portfolios within their curriculum and instruction and I would be open to the idea of that type of work being used as an assessment option. I believe there should be a balance between authentic work integrated assessments and more traditional instruction and assessments.
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I will continue to research, support, and fund innovative programs such as the Extended Learning Bridge (EBL) program. The EBL program is an afterschool program intended to help students in elementary school that may need extra help in reading. This program was started only a year ago and we are seeing promising preliminary results. I will continue to encourage mentoring for our students. I have this to be one of the best tools to reduce the opportunity gap.
I would continue to support the efforts of the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) to increase funding for public education. I served as President of the VSBA in 2015 and appreciate the importance of this organization. Additionally, I will continue to keep an open dialogue with our elected officials and let them know the impact of public education.
I would be in favor of an alternative testing format(s). Study after study show that many people simply do not do well on standardized test. I would support measuring a student’s achievement various formats. Whether it be testing, portfolios, hands on, etc. . I just think we need to be open to looking at the entire process differently. logo


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