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Morris School District Board of Education, Morris Township

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    Kenneth Sharperson Attorney

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What do you consider the most important challenge(s) facing your school district and how would plan to address it/them?

What in you personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

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I feel that the most important challenge facing the Morris School District today is meeting the diverse academic needs of all of the students enrolled in our district. As a board member, my role and responsibility is to ensure that our Superintendent has the support from the board to employ all of the resources needed to assist each student in being the best they can be. I plan on continuing to stay current on educational trends facing our state and district; and also continue to stay visible in the community seeking questions and concerns from the entire community
I am a strong advocate of public education. Married to a retired school teacher. 20 years experience as a board of education member in Michigan and New Jersey. I am a senior leader in my company and have utilized my leadership skills in various board leadership roles having been selected by my peers to serve as board President under 4 Superintendents.
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Three challenges facing the District are:

1. The increased globalization of society and advanced technology makes it crucial that all of our students are prepared to meet the challenges that they will face in our competitive society. We have to make sure that no student is left behind and that an environment is created that is inclusive of all students regardless of background, language of origin, or barriers to education.

2. Ensuring that all students have access to best teaching tools in the classroom. The Board will need to work with the Superintendent to make sure that all classrooms in the District are equipped with smart boards to improve student achievement and increase their technological literacy.

3. The potential increase in school age population created by the new residential developments being built in the area we have be thought leaders to devise creative solutions so the schools do not become overcrowded and class sizes remain appropriate for effective learning.
I come from a long line of educators as both my mother and mother in law were teachers in the public school system. I also served as a public school teacher for five years and I am keenly aware of the challenges facing a public school system. My experience as a teacher has prepared me for the Board because I will be able to view the issues facing the District as a parent and former teacher. As a litigation attorney, my goal is to solve problems and generate creative solutions to the problems of my clients. As a Board member, I will bring new ideas and a critical thought process that will assist the Board as it works through the difficult issues it will face in the future. I firmly believe that the Board needs a creative thinker and problem solver to infuse a new energy into the Board to ensure the success of our students. I have also served gained experience serving on many non-profit boards that has prepared me to serve as a Board member. logo


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