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Mesa County School District 51 Candidates, District C

The Mesa County School District 51 Board of Education is comprised of five members, each of whom is elected to four-year terms by voters within School District 51's boundaries. The Board members establish philosophy, policy and guidelines to ensure equal educational opportunities for all District 51 students.
  • John Williams (N)

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New businesses say they do not want to move to Grand Junction because of our below average reading and math scores and the aging conditions of many of our schools. What is your plan to address the quality of education in Mesa County and to provide favorable learning environments for our students?

Given the recent suicides in School District 51 and the known incidents of bullying, including discrimination based on ethnicity, beliefs, and physical differences, what are your plans to change the environment of our schools so all students feel safe, accepted, supported, and valued?

How will you ensure that the individualized needs of all students are addressed in our schools, including students with special learning needs?

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