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The Plymouth City Commission consists of seven members elected at large, and is vested with all legislative powers of the City except as otherwise provided by State Law or the Plymouth City Charter. The three candidates with the highest number of votes will serve a four-year term. The candidate with the fourth highest number of votes will serve a two-year term.Vote for four (4).
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    Daniel P. Dalton Attorney

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    Ed Krol Retired from college teaching

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    Nicholas Moroz Chief Technical Officer of Detroit Materials, materials science engineer, entrepreneur

  • Oliver Wolcott Sales - Commercial Office

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    Dave Latawiec (write-in) Self Employed

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Please provide biographical information and experience, and explain why you are running for this office.

What are the priority issues facing this office and what actions would you take to address them if elected?

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Education University of Detroit Mercy Law School (1990) Western Michigan University (1986)
Daniel P. Dalton, named one of top twenty-five attorneys in Michigan as a Leader in the Law in 2010, nationally recognized civil rights and land use attorney, and author of, Litigating Religious Land Use Cases, litigates, lectures and writes on issues related to the civil rights and land use property rights of individuals throughout the United States. He is a founding member at Dalton & Tomich PLC, a law firm located in the heart of Detroit. Twice elected to the Plymouth City Commission, Mr, Dalton has served on the Zoning Board, Planning Board, Economic Development Board and volunteers for many City projects. He is running for office to continue service to the public on a variety of important and strategic issues, such as pension, sewers, infrastructure, planning and zoning and the administration of the 35th District Court.
1. Complete the pension departure plan with Plymouth Township with respect to the prior Fire Department. 2. Resolve the sewer plan related to Plymouth Townships departure from Wayne County's sewer plan. 3. Work through the 35th District Court Administrative budget. 4. Complete the revision to the sign ordinance 5. Complete the Tree Ordinance
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Education Ph.D. Wayne State University M.S. Central Michigan University B.S. Ferris State University
Currently I serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals and as a trustee on the Cemetery Board for the City of Plymouth. Born and raised in Detroit. I have two sons and 4 grandchildren. My wife is a surgical nurse and I am retired from 41 years of college teaching with a Ph.D. More extensive biographical information is detailed on my website: http:

My run for office is an extension of emotional feelings about and toward this city. My ongoing involvement with the city government these past years enlightened the realization that I have much to offer the city and fellow citizens. Also, I pride myself in being able to absorb many sides of an issue and after researching the presented points on most any topic. I also, ask many questions when trying to understand an issue or topic brought before me.
The single greatest issue will be the budget. The Headlee amendment of 1978 and its proposal A of 1994 limited local government taxation and thus Plymouth's ability to gain revenue from the large scale new home construction assessments. This is a potential problem since it constrains any major increase in needed government services. Thus I will continue as a ZBA member to judiciously enforce the ordinances of the city including residential. As a city commissioner I also will continue to support with questions our planning commission's proposed ordinances that preserve the integrity of Plymouth. This will include but not limited to my support of any ordinance that furthers the diversity of housing availability enacted by the planning commission. I believe whole heartedly in neighborhoods that are diverse in home design and those living within. More details at
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Education PhD - Michigan - Mat. Science MSE - Michigan - Mat. Science MSE - Michigan - Mech. Eng. BS - Michigan BA - Albion College
I've been a Plymouth resident since 2013, when Leigh, my wife, and I purchased our first home. My passion has been the development of new manufacturing technology and materials. I am the CTO and founding member of Detroit Materials. At DM I co-invented a high strength steel that can be cast into thin-wall shapes, which is ideal for lightweight structures in the automotive industry. I'm proud to be a small business owner, entrepreneur, and innovator, but I'm more proud that I've developed these enterprises in Southeast Michigan. I'm running for Plymouth City Commission because I want to make smart decisions for our community. I'm proud to call Plymouth my home. Plymouth is undergoing immense growth and vitalization, but this challenges us to create coherent and positive citywide plans. I want to use my background as a detail-oriented communicator and problem solver to serve our city.
Further cooperation with Plymouth Township – I’m very supportive of potential joint efforts between the City and the Township to increase recreational facilities, share municipal services, and other developments. Smart development of new homes – I am in favor of the floor to area ratio ordinance. Preventing “bigfoot” construction of new homes leads to a city with healthy green space. Tree ordinance – The trees and greenspaces, parks and our tree canopy, are something to be very proud of and I support an ordinance that protects and maintains them. It is important to balance the protection and maintenance of resident’s trees with their ability to landscape their home as they see fit. Saxtons – I support a rigorous development plan that maintains the neighborhood, specifically a plan that will not change traffic or include an egress on Maple. I strongly support completion of the PARC.
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Education MA - Political Science BS - Philosophy
I've served on the City Commission since 2013 and the Downtown Development Authority since 2012. I grew up in Plymouth, went to Elementary, Middle and High School in our community. I love and care deeply about my neighbors, family, friends and the helping Plymouth remain a desireable place to live. I am committed to listening to every person and continuing to work tirelessly every day making a positive impact in our neighborhoods and downtown business district.
Legacy issues continue to be a challenge as we work to come out of the great recession. We have worked incredibly hard to develop and enact a concrete a plan to address long-term legacy costs and are close to fully addressing those in the short and long-term. We have passed a balanced budget once again for this year and the next four years. I am focused on keeping city services at the high-level our residents deserve, keeping taxes low, fostering economic growth while maintaining the charm and attractive nature of our incredible small town. I love being involed, listening to my neighbors and helping make the experience in Plymouth better for residents and visitors alike each and everyday.
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Education Eastern Michigan University - Business management and Marketing
I have lived in the city with my wife, Kelly since 2012. We have 5 children, and 10 grandchildren. I have owned a business located in the city since 1995. Our office is located on Main Street in the City of Plymouth. We currently employ 13 people. Of which include a daughter, son and son-in-law. We are a design-build company, that work for our clients to design, develop and construct their project from conception to completion. I am a member of several community organizations and support many groups around town. After listening to many residents, friends and business associates I decided to run for City Commission of Plymouth. I believe we all need a voice in what is happening in the community we have come to love to live, work and play in. I believe the citizens deserve a real choice in who they want to represent them.
Common sense development of the downtown area, keeping the area family friendly and safe. Maintaining walkability of residential streets to entice people to talk to their neighbors. Developing a plan to preserve the tree canopy of old growth trees. To establish a plan to clean up and develop the Bathy property. Preserve the historical properties as districts or individual buildings and help find a way to maintain them. We have a great thing here in Plymouth and I want to preserve it and grow it with common sense, thoughtfulness and having residents input they deserve. I want to give everyone the choice for real representation. logo


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