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South Euclid City Council, Ward 4

Term: 4 yearsIncumbent Jane Goodman (currently Council President) is running against Lisa Longino in Ward 4. The seven-member South Euclid City Council includes members from each of the four wards and three at-large members. Council members from the four wards are up for election this year.
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    Jane Goodman President, South Euclid City Council

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    Lisa Longino Grant Manager/Grant Reviewer

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Age 66
Education Beachwood High School, Northwestern University
Current occupation Council President, and Executive Director of Cuyahoga River Restoration
Qualifications for office 30-year resident; 12-year Councilwoman; former Public Information Officer for League of Women Voters of Cleveland Educational Fund; member National League of Cities Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Advocacy Committee; deep understanding of how municipal government works; experience in solving complex problems while considering both intended and unintended consequences of decisions; desire and skills to assist constituents with their needs and challenges.
Campaign Phone (216) 291-0442
Email address
Twitter @goodjane
I have quite a lot of unfinished business that I would like the opportunity to advance to completion, or on which to make more progress. We will have at least one new Council member next year, and with so many different personalities making up our Council with different levels of experience, it is important that I continue in office to contribute my knowledge and experience to the whole.
I want to continue to work on social issues such as non-discrimination; housing issues such as revisiting our zoning codes to allow opportunities for better aging-in-place or working-at-home situations; communication issues such as developing better technology for residents to communicate with the city, and vice versa; and financial issues such as developing a strategic financial plan and identifying and promoting new revenue sources that are fair and not relying solely on taxes.
We're running out of money and need to find new revenue sources that don't rely solely on our residents. The state, county, and federal funding that supported us in the past and allowed us to become what we are as a city is no longer readily available, but our residents' expectations haven't lessened though our ability to meet those expectations has diminished. Our housing stock is our primary asset, but we have more and more retirees, student renters, negligent landlords, and low-income residents who either can't afford to invest in housing maintenance or just don't feel responsible for doing so. Half of my ward is post-war bungalows, small homes on small lots, which can only rise in value to a certain level, inhibiting our ability to grow both geographically and financially. We have continued to provide some services on our own that other cities have been able to share, like our municipal court, or services like trash collection that in almost all neighboring cities are paid by residents. Our staffing has been cut to the bone, and we need to be able to provide top level services on a bottom level budget.
Age 57
Education Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree and pusuing a Doctoral Degree in Urban Education
Current occupation Grant Manager and United States Department of Education Grant Reviewer/Consultant
Qualifications for office Change Agent that will champion initiatives to improve the quality of life for residents in Ward 4. Proven ability to work efficiently and collabortively in municipal, state and federal government to formulate ideas and policies, research viability, establish a subcommitee, plan a course of action, and ultimately bringing the idea and policy to life. Ability to listen to the residents to determine a common ground, develop solutions, analyze information objectively and think in the best interests of the residents. A diverse asset to Ward 4 and South Euclid City Council as we face cruicial decisions regarding sustainabiity. Capacity builder with a voice to create two way communication that involves the exchange of information through talking and listening. Responsive to the residents in a timely and professional manner.
Campaign Phone (216) 346-1373
Email address
South Euclid arose from voices of unity, integrity, respect and determination. As an issue oriented professional and educator, I pledge to be the voice for the voiceless and an advocate for the community at large . As Ward 4 looks to the future, I am committed to advocating for our aging population by supporting programs that help people age comfortably in their homes. I also stand behind revitalizing our parks so that they may be better utilized to create an environment where our families and youth can flourish.
As Ward 4 City Councilwoman, I plan on educating resident on resources that are available to improve their quality of life which will improve and enhance citizens engagement. Through process integrity, I will be able to conduct reliable government activity in a transparent environment. I will encourage participation of the whole Ward 4 community, and strive to create a trust among the residents. I will show respect for the community residents and their interests and values by showing compassion and effective feedback. I want to remind the residents that I am their voice that will make a difference and respresenting them is an honor.
The biggest challenge facing Ward 4 is the understanding and respecting of cultural differences among residents. I believe positive and respectful communication among resident would be the cornerstone that will strengthen the human threads of diversity in our community tapestry. With the support of Ward 4 residents, I will strive to be the most responsive member of Ward 4 to create a place where resident's opinions matters and divergent voices are listen to in order to provide all members of our community the services and resolutions needed. logo


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