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South Euclid City Council, Ward 3

Term: 4 yearsSara Continenza and Curtis Orr are running for the Ward 3 seat currently held by Ed Icove. The seven-member South Euclid City Council includes members from each of the four wards and three at-large members. Council members from the four wards are up for election this year.
  • Sara Continenza Entrepreneur

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    Curtis Orr Detective

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Education B.S. in Human Development & Family Science, B.A. in English (both from The Ohio State University) Master of Public Administration, Certification in Nonprofit Management (Cleveland State University)
Current occupation Founder and President of Whole Vision LLC
Qualifications for office I have over 12 years experience in local and international community outreach and engagement work. I have over 5 years experience in community organization and engagement in South Euclid. I earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration in 2014. I serve on numerous Boards and committees, including OneSouthEuclid, South Euclid’s community development organization, and several public health and community engagement committees throughout Northeast Ohio. I have over 4 years experience in professional writing. I am multi-lingual (French, Japanese, English). I have lived on 4 continents, which has given me the ability to work and communicate with people from all walks of life and cultural identities. I am endorsed by: the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats, the AFL-CIO, CAMEO, the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, the Black Women’s Political Action Committee, and the Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus. In my outreach experience, I have developed working relationships with numerous public officials and employees in South Euclid.
Campaign Phone (216) 203-2248
Email address
Since moving to Bexley Boulevard in 2011, I have been actively engaged in our community. As manager of the Bexley Community Group, I put out quarterly newsletters, serve as a Lead on our neighborhood’s online social platform, hold annual block parties, and more. This experience has given me the opportunity to truly understand the needs, goals, and concerns of our community members, which I would like to make sure are represented thoroughly in our local governmental affairs and policies. I have built relationships with residents, community leaders, and city personnel, and am well-positioned to take my leadership to the next level. I aim to bring people together to make our community an even better place to live, work, play, and pray.
I would form a Youth Advisory Coalition to sit in on Council and Committee meetings to foster civic engagement and train a future generation of community leaders and activists. These youth would directly assist in informing the development of enhanced recreational opportunities in our City, as well as activities which enhance personal and professional skill-building. The Youth Advisory Coalition would participate in civic activities such as sitting in on Council and Committee meetings, working with OneSouthEuclid (our Community Development Corporation, or CDC), and assisting in community outreach endeavors.
Currently, there are not a lot of activities for adolescents in our city for our youth to participate in. We do not have a recreational center, and our parks do not currently have ample opportunities for youth to convene, play, learn, and socialize. This has led to idle youth convening in large groups and committing petty crimes, which has made many community members feel uncomfortable. In Ward 3’s Bexley Park, youth are regularly told to leave the park when convening in the park pavilion. They have been caught stealing bicycles and vandalizing property, causing tensions to grow in the community. People have consistently expressed concern over this issue on, our community’s social network which I helped to build over 4 years ago. I plan to engage the youth in the formation and sustaining of programs and amenities aimed at enriching their lives. In this manner, youth will maintain a sense of ownership and pride over the amenities we create together, and will therefore be more likely to take advantage of these opportunities and to hold each other accountable in these spaces.
Age 48
Education AA in General Studies from TRI-C BA Urban Management Cleveland State University
Current occupation 17 years as police officer for the city of Cleveland with the last 8 years as a detective working Financial Crimes.
Qualifications for office 17 years as police officer School board president of Invictus HS BA in Urban Management
Campaign Phone (216) 408-3454
Email address
Facebook http://vote4orr
Twitter @vote4orr
I believe that the city of South Euclid Ward 3 has a great leader in Ed Icove. He is currently making this his last term and I decided to run to continue what he stands for transparency and honesty..I feel that I am an asset to the community because I have a clear understanding of human nature,emotions and motivations of the community.people. From being a manager at McDonalds,, in the banking field to law enforcement, my experiences with people of all walks of life has given me an insight with our current state of affairs. Being a police officer has afforded me the ability to use critical thinking in making critical decisions. I also want to be a liaison between the residents and the police department with current state of affairs between the police and citizens. Last but not least, I love the city of South Euclid!!!!! The city is changing and I want to be part of that change,
I want to bring an identity to Ward 3/ South Euclid. I believe that the city is a bedroom community without the bedroom feel. .I've noticed that there are many empty homes not just in the ward but in the city. We have to find a way to make people move into the city. but I would like to see more family activity centers ( bowling lanes, community activity center etc). I do want it to be a city that is just a drive through to get the outer ring suburb. One idea is to have ability for all the eateries to have outdoor eating if it available. We should want people to shop, eat and enjoy what we have to offer.
I think the biggest challenges for the community is the budget,safety and housing. With dwindling revenue and expenditures that are constantly rising, I would like to curtail spending and find alternative ways to bring in revenue. It would not be an easy task with South Euclid being a bedroom community but I believe if we put our heads together we should be able to come up with different ideas. I think we have to find ways to maximize what we have. I do not like the term doing more with less but it is what it is. When it comes to the budget and safety, we have to make sure that we are adequately staffed because crime is slowly on the rise in South Euclid,When it comes to housing, we have to address the issues of foreclosures and empty homes. logo


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