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Seven Hills City Council, Ward 2

Term: 2 yearsSalary: $7,560The two candidates for Ward 2 are Edward S. Bicker, who is currently an at-large council member, and Robert l. Wrobel.
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    Edward S. Bicker Councilman

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    Robert L. Wrobel Retired

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Age 55
Education Masters Degree Business (MBA) University of Phoenix. TRI-C, Benedictine High School. Member of Delta-Mu-Delta. College math tutor.
Current occupation Part-time Shipping, and Councilman
Qualifications for office 1+ years in office, Community Services Chairman, Falls-prevention instructor, community volunteer. College math tutor. 20 years in management, 3 years as a shop steward.
Campaign Phone (440) 561-7696
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I purchased my home in 1999, and finished paying it off 3 years ago. I bought in Seven Hills with the full intention of retiring here. I enjoy serving Seven Hills, and I want to make the most difference I can. I believe I have unique qualifications to bring to city hall; such as 20 years of managerial experience, 3 years as a shop steward, a masters' degree in business, and established math skills. I enjoy collaborating with council, the mayor, city employees, and residents to move the city forward. I have more time now that I am semi-retired. I also enjoy chairing our community services department, and I want to use the success I've been a part of as a springboard for the future.
I wish to maintain a balanced budget and a high level of services. I would like to continue to learn and grow on council, and work intelligently with all city employees and officials. I would like to add events to community services, and make next year's Home Days even better. I am running for Ward 2, but also my vote and action will always take the whole city of Seven Hills into account. I hope to see Rockside road developed to its potential both as a money-maker and a face for Seven Hills. I would like to see our sewer repair program become very successful. I would like to effectively reach out to the residents on every important issue, and get as much input as possible, as my job on council is to echo the voice of the majority.
Fixing sewers; Many sewers were built when the Seven Hills population was nowhere near what it is now. I am not an expert on sewer repair, but it does not take an expert to understand the need for continued action, as our program is underway. Now that our city's finances are better, the infrastructure should see improvements. Developing Rockside road; This project has the potential to be a financial game changer for Seven Hills. Though plans are underway, we need to finalize an agreement, and go over every word carefully. Improving our school system; Find a way Seven Hills a stronger voice in all aspects of the schools we help to finance.
Age 70
Education Graduate of Parma Senior High BSEd - Miami University MST - John Carroll University Professional workshops, seminars, in-service training - Weatherhead School of Management; University of Wisconsin, Madison; various professional organizations
Current occupation Husband, father, grandfather, rescue dog owner
Qualifications for office Sound organizational, planning, budget and personnel management skills. Process oriented, methodical, diplomatic, professional. A respectful listener. Able to offer alternative perspectives, courses of action. Firm belief that collaboration brings about the best results.
Campaign Phone (216) 524-3567
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I am running to give Ward 2 a mature, civil and most importantly - independent - voice for our interests; and, to bring a thoughtful, pragmatic and professional approach - free of politics - to the work of Council.

I am free of commitments to a particular voting bloc, clique or elected official. My goal is to do the right things for the city in the right way for the right reasons.

Who we put into office matters. Decisions made at City Hall affect our property values, our pocketbooks and our quality of life in Seven Hills.
Restore “regular order” to the introduction of legislation. Restore the proper roles of the Council and Administration as spelled out in our Charter. End the micro-management of Administration functions by the current Council majority. Find ways to bring in professional people to fill our needs in personnel and purchasing management, as well as management of our IT and website functions. Tone down the political infighting that continues to afflict Seven Hills.
Rockside Road development - we need to retool our approach in the final stages of the development agreement process to ensure we get the best use and benefits out of this area. Flooding in Ward 2, other areas - we need to continue to allocate all the resources we can to fix this problem. Long-term financial stability - we must carefully manage our borrowing, tax revenue and spending - basing our decisions on sound financial principles and realistic estimates. Property taxes - we must find other sources of revenue to reduce the need for new or increased taxes, e.g. development projects that produce significant revenue. Spending and management practices - we need to eliminate decisions and actions based on politics or funding pet projects. Communication with residents - we should have the minutes of Council, committee and commission meetings as well as the reports from other city officials posted on the city website. Political infighting - our elected officials must put residents’ interests ahead of personal political agendas and end this continuing melodrama. logo


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