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Greene County School Board Stanardsville District

Greene County School Board is committed to providing equal opportunity for every student to achieve maximum intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth and to ensuring that each student be equipped to communicate effectively with other people, to be competent both in the work place and in higher education, and to feel confident of the ability to make creative and constructive decisions in his/her life.Greene County School Board: provides the necessary trained and dedicated leadership, qualified personnel,equipment and materials to assure an appropriate education for every student; treats all members of the school community equitably with the highest degree of respect; allocates and uses assets fairly and efficiently
  • Jason Collier (I)

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Teachers are leaving the Greene school system, allegedly for higher paying jobs in surrounding counties. If true, what do you recommend doing about it? Do we currently have a shortage of qualified teachers?

A shortage of textbooks has been reported with some students forced to use photocopies which do not stand up to normal use. What is the textbook situation and how do you propose fixing it?

Why aren't simple steps being taken to address increasing the appeal of school cafeteria food, like consulting with a nutrition expert?

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