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Greene County Board of Supervisors Stanardsville District

The Board of Supervisors is the main legislative body for the County of Greene and is comprised of five members elected by voters, one member from each magisterial district and one at-large member. Supervisors are elected for four year terms. At the first meeting of the year, the Board selects a Chairman and Vice Chairman.The Board of Supervisors has both administrative and legislative responsibilities. The powers and duties of the Board of Supervisors include review and approval of the County budget and appropriation of funds; levying County taxes; adoption of county policies and ordinances; approval and enforcement of zoning and other land use ordinances; and additional responsibilities as set forth by the Greene County Code of Ordinances and the Commonwealth of Virginia State Code.
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    Bill B. Martin (I) Retired Senior Foreign Service Officer

  • J.Frank Morris (I)

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What do you think is the most important issue the board will have to deal with in this next term?

What did you do in the last 4 years that you are most proud of either in office or private life?

Do you have a predetermined policy on tax increases? For example would you consider a tax increase for if it were required for public safety or school improvements?

The board must bring to life a 50-year public water supply plan. A reservoir will provide water for long term residential and commercial growth. Our county also needs upgrades to outdated water infrastructure, including a new water treatment facility. The task over the next couple of years will be to 1) help residents understand why a reservoir is needed, 2) prepare an engineering plan that phases in critical elements over time, and 3) develop a financial plan that spreads payments over decades.
The current board has worked hard to improve access to their local government. A new website provides user-friendly, one-stop shopping for county citizens. We have also begun live-streaming board meetings so that they can be viewed in real time or from an archive kept on the county website. As well, we now open our meetings with comments from the public. Finally, this board works hard to demonstrate a high level of professionalism for which we are receiving a lot of positive feedback.
I am a fiscal conservative who believes in a small, efficient and responsive local government. However, law enforcement, good schools, and infrastructure come with a cost. I will very carefully consider an increase in taxes when the public’s health, safety, and welfare require it, including for improvements to our school system. My flexibility has been demonstrated by voting to raise taxes one time in my four years on the board. That year, we provided increases for the Sheriff and the schools.
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