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Greene County Board of Supervisors Midway District

The Board of Supervisors is the main legislative body for the County of Greene and is comprised of five members elected by voters, one member from each magisterial district and one at-large member. Supervisors are elected for four year terms. At the first meeting of the year, the Board selects a Chairman and Vice Chairman.The Board of Supervisors has both administrative and legislative responsibilities. The powers and duties of the Board of Supervisors include review and approval of the County budget and appropriation of funds; levying County taxes; adoption of county policies and ordinances; approval and enforcement of zoning and other land use ordinances; and additional responsibilities as set forth by the Greene County Code of Ordinances and the Commonwealth of Virginia State Code.
  • Marie C. Durrer (I)

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    Jim F. Frydl (I) Regional manager of an Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

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What do you think is the most important issue the board will have to deal with in this next term?

What did you do in the last 4 years that you are most proud of either in office or private life?

Do you have a predetermined policy on tax increases? For example would you consider a tax increase for if it were required for public safety or school improvements?

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Infrastructure needs. Greene’s population grew at a rate of 46% during the 80’s and 90’s. That growth created a lot of strain on the community and many infrastructure needs were postponed. Moving forward, we need detailed planning to make sure the growth matches the goals of the citizen’s. The Board has approved a 20 year master plan for school facilities and we are working toward a 20 year master plan for the Ruckersville growth area and a 50 year plan for a secure community water supply.
I am proud of the policy additions and long term plans that have created the structure needed to deal efficiently with the issues of today and to prepare us for the issues of tomorrow. We have completed a 20 year master plan for school facilities, implemented a Capital Improvement budget, begun a 5 year financial plan, started a 20 year growth plan for Ruckersville, and worked on completing a 50 year water supply plan needed for the planned economic development. We have also increase all County
No. Each decision needs to be made based upon the value to the community. For example, we approved a $284,000 fleet replacement program that helps our volunteer first responders stay active. The active professional volunteers save the taxpayers over $2,000,000 per year in salaries. The investment of tax dollars to support them is an easy choice! logo


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