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Voters can vote for up to three candidates for the Athens City Schools Board of Education.
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    Laura Alloway Director of Marketing & Communication, Ohio University's Voinovich School

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    Kim Goldsberry Athens City School Board Member

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    Paul Grippa Retired

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    David Hayden Database App Developer and Business Owner

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    Jenny Klein Assistant Dean for Persistence and Success, Ohio University

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    Bruce Nottke Retired

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    Sean Parsons Professor and Musician

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How does a school board balance the need to provide a quality education with the need to respond to the local taxpayer burden?

What do you hope to accomplish as a school board member?

Campaign Phone (740) 233-1990
Education and Experience I am the Director of Marketing and Communications for Ohio University’s Voinovich School. In my previous position as Director of Marketing and PR at Hocking College, I provided counsel to the Board of Trustees and have extensive training in the Ohio Sunshine Laws.I have spent more than 20 years working in marketing and communications in the public and private sectors. I have an MBA from Ohio University and a bachelor of PR from Kent State.I am a mother of 2 enrolled at West Elementary.
A school board is charged with making decisions best representing the community, while providing quality education. Ideally, community members understand economic development relies on a highly effective school system and provide ongoing financial support. School boards earn trust by working closely with administrators to ensure they are making cost-effective choices, and holding them accountable for outcomes related to educational quality, while encouraging educators to develop new approaches.
I will bring a voice to the school board representing working parents, single parents and those who rely on wrap-around care.I am an advocate for community-centered schools for all our children, with an emphasis on small class sizes.The district’s aging infrastructure should be addressed as part of a strategic plan,focusing on creating environments needed to support educational innovation for student success.As a lifelong communicator, I will work to expand communication and transparency.
Campaign Phone (740) 593-6047
Education and Experience I am a member of the Athens City School Board since 2013, I am a mother of 3 Athens City School Children, I am a graduate of Athens High School and Ohio University College of Communication. I have been the President and Vice President of East PTO, I am a member of Athens Middle School PTO, ACS Nutrition Committee, the Farm to School Committee, and the Athens City School Food Pantry. I helped begin the ACS Safety Committee in 2012, and I am a Board Member of the McClure Foundation.
Every Learner Every Day to me this means providing the best learning environment to every student regardless of their ability. As an Athens City School Board member the past 4 years we have worked hard to reduce spending without sacrificing the high quality education we provide. We have balanced our budget for 2 consecutive years and are continuing to spend within our means. If re-elected, I will continue to work for a balanced budget while providing a high quality education to ALL our students.
I hope during the next 4 years we can accomplish the continuation of responsible spending, the continued implementation of successful educational programs, continue providing our staff with high quality professional development. We need to build a stronger program for the students with disabilities, as well as passing a bond issue to build new elementary schools that have a balanced socio-economically diverse student population in each and every building. When this is accomplished we all succeed
Campaign Phone (740) 594-3337
Education and Experience BS, Ohio University; MS and EdD, Education, Stanford University Middle school math teacher, 4 years Middle school administration (assistant principal and principal, 37 years) Acting superintendent, 6 months
The tax burden is voluntary and the voters control the level of the tax burden through their decisions on the various levies that are proposed. The board cannot levy taxes without the support of the voters; consequently, the board does not face the question of balancing quality education and taxpayer burden. The board has the task of maximizing the effect of the support the voters provide, primarily through the professional staff it employs.
I hope to help the district navigate the challenge of restructuring its facilities to maximize the quality of education for all students.
Campaign Phone (740) 331-4448
Education and Experience I grew up in rural NY and was a first generation college student, empowered by great public schools. My wife and I moved to Athens in 2005 and have two children in Athens City Schools. I studied at Hamilton College and UNM. I started my career as an archaeologist and museum curator, and own a small business that builds database apps for museums, non-profits and NEH. I co-founded the 550+ member Facebook group Athens Parents for Participation to foster communications and engagement.
As a community, we must provide outstanding educational opportunities for all of our children, and we must provide our teachers with the resources they need to succeed. And, we must do so in a way that is efficient and fiscally responsible. To get there, I believe board members must work both with our education professionals and the community to prioritize common goals, build consensus and shared vision, continually review programs, and make hard choices to ensure maximum effect.
Facilities have dominated board discussions this year and have brought the issues of socio-economic disparity and delivery of special services to the fore; we should invest in new buildings, do so in a way that creates a more equitable system, and ensure that all students get necessary services. Building community consensus through better communication is essential. While keeping our budget balanced we should target key investments in technology and work towards offering universal Pre-K.
Campaign Phone (740) 856-7759
Education and Experience I have a Master's Degree in Counseling and Student Personnel and more than 20 years experience in higher education administration with responsibilities including management, teaching, advising, and leadership. I am a visionary creative thinker who collaborates well with others to achieve a goal in a complex environment. I am a mother of three - one Athens High School Graduate, one Athens High School senior, and one first grader. I am a co-troop leader for Girl Scouts of America.
A school board should serve the district by:

1) Seeking information and feedback so all stakeholders have a voice in how their resources are used to support education;

2) Communicating well so the community trusts that funds are being used efficiently;

3) Using current assets of the district effectively;

4) Maximizing state funding opportunities to take advantage of available dollars that support progress consistent with the goals and vision of the district.
I will work to provide:

1) High-quality education;

2) Equitable opportunities and outcomes;

3) Respectful, inclusive, and diverse environments;

4) Improved facilities and services for students with disabilities;

5) Responsible use of finances;

6) Safe, comfortable, and operationally efficient facilities;

7) Schools that unite and support communities with wraparound services.

I will listen, research, communicate, and advocate to achieve these goals.
Campaign Phone (740) 593-6814
Education and Experience Navy Veteran - 1969 to 1973 Assoc. Degree - Hocking Tech. College in Drafting and Design. 1976 Sunpower, Inc. Sterling Engine R&D Co. Ohio University Renovations Project Mngr. Athens City School Board 16 years Tri County Career Center Bd. Member Member of the OSBA Southeast Region Executive Committee for 6 years . President in 2016. OSBA Executive Committee for 1 year, Board of Trustees for 3 years, Board Member Cabinet, and Legislative Liaison Committee Executive Committee for McClure Fo
Education of all our children in Athens needs to be of the utmost importance to all of us. Since our legislators are not willing to fund our schools the way they should, it’s up to all of us to make up that shortfall. Our teachers educate our students extremely well, but they could give our students an even better education if they had new buildings with all the updated bells and whistles that are needed and required in today’s highly technical education world.
After 16 years on the board, I hope to see new, safer, more energy efficient, and inviting school buildings that our students can be safe, happy, and proud to be a part of during their educational experience at Athens City Schools. I want our teachers to feel safe, happy, and be as well-equipped as possible to teach our students. I want our students to be better prepared for whatever they decide to do with their lives after high school.
Campaign Phone (740) 478-2273
Education and Experience I am a father of 2 children in ACS and am currently in my 11th year as a full time college professor. I hold 3 degrees in music with a Doctorate in Jazz Studies with 20+ years of experience a church musician. I have served on several boards including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Athens County, am an active member of the MoGo PTO, and am regularly invited to be a guest educator in schools throughout our state. I have performed internationally and recently shared the stage with Aretha Franklin.
Striking a balance begins with listening to the community - including our teachers and staff - and truly understanding what our children need and what our community will support while realizing many feel their taxes are already too high. From there we can develop policies that spend money efficiently and improve outcomes at the same time. A board member must seek partnerships to find creative and workable solutions for EVERY child in EVERY community throughout the ENTIRE district.
I will put our students 1st and fight to provide them with what they need to succeed (equity) - empower/support teachers and a 21st century curriculum - demand appropriate services for ALL children including our special ed. students - improve communication between district/community - build community consensus and partner to find solutions - support arts ed. STEM to STEAM! - work to expand Pre-K - further develop before/after school programs - strive for a transparent, efficiently run district. logo


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