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Salida City Council Ward 3

The City Council is elected to serve four-year terms. Individuals to fill positions vacated before the end of the term or for which no candidates chose to run are appointed by the seated council to complete the remainder of the term.The City Council and the Mayor work together to create ordinances and laws for the City. There are three wards in the City of Salida and two council members represent each ward. City Council appoints and directs the work of the City Administrator and is responsible, by a majority vote of all members, for appointing the City Attorney, Municipal Prosecutor and the Municipal Judge.
  • Melodee Hallett (N)

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    Harald Kasper (N) Physical Therapist

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Background I grew up in Germany as the fifth of six kids and moved to the United States 23 years ago with a Physical Therapy and a Chemical Engineering degree in my pocket. 17 years ago I moved to Salida, brought up my daughter, Danielle, who is 18 years old now, and moved to Denver. I worked as a Physical Therapist in my own clinic on F-street (Rebound Physical Therapy). I am a runner and mountain biker and have helped to build some of the wonderful trails around town with Salida Mountain Trails. 8 years ago I started serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission for Salida. One year ago I completed my process of becoming an American citizen. I am married to Devon Kasper, who has enriched Salida with her engagement in theatre not only with the high school drama team but also with Stage Left Theatre Company and Shakespeare in the Park.
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I work as a Physical Therapist. Listening and connecting to clients is the most important part of my profession. Sorting the collected information, adding my knowledge and coming to an assessment of the big picture guides me then to present a proposal for a path forward. Having been a Chemical Engineer before my Physical Therapy life I am standing with both feet solid on scientific ground. I am very comfortable with numbers and also with common sense. I have lived in this town for the last 17 years, have run a successful business in downtown, brought up my daughter here and participated in numerous public events and functions. Through the last 8 years I have been serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission. I am specially proud of having been part of the Sacket Street Overlay process: a citizen driven process to secure the character of a neighborhood east of downtown Salida. I am by personality a mediator, a peace maker and someone that embraces rather than divides.
1. I want to take significant actions towards solving the affordable housing crisis. Participating in a multi jurisdictional housing authority will be the first steps to ensure that efforts are coordinated and don't have unintended consequences. It will ensure to be gaining the administrative competence to attract federal and state grant. As a city we need to partner with local developers to build apartment buildings, we also need to utilize the tool of land banking. 2. I will initiate looking at the job descriptions for the mayor, the attorney, and administrator that were rewritten by the current council giving the mayor almost absolute power. I believe that the administrator as well as the attorney should answer to all of city council not just to the mayor (assisted by the council). 3. The administration needs to be supported and guided not micro managed. We need the operational experience from staff to really get things done and the mayor and council to focus on the bigger picture. logo


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