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Morris Township Committee

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    John Arvanites (Dem) Certified Public Accountant

  • Louise Johnson (Rep) Retired- ExxonMobil

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    Nicole Saphier (Rep) Physician

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    Cathy Wilson (Dem) Retired educator

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What do you consider the most important challenge(s) facing your town and how would plan to address it/them?

What in you personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

To improve the quality of services, without raising taxes. To ease the incredible traffic congestion in our township. Also, to limit development, which is a major contributor to the traffic crisis. I plan to address these challenges using my experience as a Certified Public Accountant, but also my 14 years of experience of accomplishing the above, as an elected official in Roseland.
I am prepared for this office because I served for 10 years as a Councilperson and 4 years as Mayor of Roseland, NJ. I was able to limit development, ease traffic congestion, lower taxes. My experience as a certified public accountant has provided me the skills to manage municipal budgets and I am confident that we can improve the quality of services without raising taxes.
Current Elected Position Morris Township Deputy Mayor
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In brief, I am a moderate Republican with fiscal sense, common sense, and demonstrated leadership. I’ve lived with my family in Morris Township for 30 years and am proud to serve as Deputy Mayor (Committeeman since 2014). I am co-Chair of the Township Finance Committee which, in 2016, passed the first property tax cut in a generation (0% increase in 2017). I serve as Fire Commissioner, VP of Board of Health, and Parks & Recreation Commissioner, ushering in renovation of town pools. As a Planning Board member, I am heavily involved in Township Redevelopment and Master Planning. Until my recent retirement from ExxonMobil, I held executive positions involving global responsibility, large scale finance/budgeting, labor union negotiation, information technology, commercial real estate work, and plant management. I hold an MBA and am a Certified Project Manager. My commitment to volunteerism and charitable causes is well known. I aspire to be Morris Township’s first woman Mayor in 25 years.
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Supports maintaining more than suggested open space while utilizing excess unused space to support a robust economic foundation for MT in an effort to keep our taxes low.

As a physician member of the Board of Health Nicole has overseen the public health sector of MT for the last two years. In conjunction with her medical knowledge she has improved the operation of our Township's public health including anti drug and alcohol campaigns and a devotion to the opioid epidemic.

As Chair of Morristown/ MT Joint Municipal Alliance she is responsible for allocating a large state grant to our local area for anti-drug & alcohol programs. Nicole continues to show her dedicated to MTs children and seniors to solidify a healthy and safe environment.

Nicole demonstrates a fiscally conservative approach to economic development and will undoubtedly work to not only maintain current tax infrastructure but to identify & implement any budgetary cuts while maintaining the safety and stability of MT.
-Proven success as a medical practitioner and patient / physician advocate -Strong record of service and dedication to advancing the quality of healthcare both locally and nationally -Guest contributor on women’s health, as well as healthcare policy and budget (MSNBC, Fox Business, and Fox News) -Sought-after expert for testimony related to NJ healthcare legislation in Trenton -Self-articulated skills associated with interpersonal relationships, advocacy, creativity, logical thinking, work ethic, good judgment, and analytics. -Chair, Morristown/Morris Township Joint Municipal Alliance – programs dealing with alcohol and substance abuse, as well as multi-generational mental health and bullying -Vice-Chair, Economic Development Advisory Committee – studies of economic development potential, business out-reach, and stabilization of tax base -Member, Morris Township Board of Health. -Executive Member, Radiology Society of New Jersey -Member, NJ Department of Health Breast Work Group
The key challenge we face is keeping our taxes as low as possible while accomplishing the service and quality-of-life improvements our residents want and need.

Two contributions I pledge to make on the taxes side include: 1) Use my grant writing experience to bring in new revenue from grant sources. Clearly we’re leaving money on the table by not being more aggressive about pursuing grant opportunities. I’m inspired by Morristown’s recent receipt of a $1.5 million transportation grant. If they can do that, so can we!

2) I also pledge to work actively – and proactively - with such partners as commercial brokers and the Chamber of Commerce to attract new businesses to fill our vacant office space.

Some examples of service and quality-of-life improvements I will work to accomplish include: 1) Ensure that the Collinsville Playground gets fixed up as our current Committee has been promising for years.

2) Work to deliver to Morris Township the same transportation program for seniors that Madison and Chatham offer. This model is built on a nonprofit, is grant-funded, and there is NO COST TO TAXPAYERS. For $5, seniors get a ride to anywhere within 15 miles of their home.

3) Create several ad hoc committees, in which interested residents can work together with officials to come up with creative solutions on a variety of topics including: sidewalks and speeding, seniors’ issues, and a Green Team whose special charge is to look for ways to go green and save money.
During my career, I was a teacher, principal, and central office administrator. The leadership, communication, budget-preparation, and interpersonal skills I developed in these roles are a direct match with those required to work effectively in this office. My background also includes many years of successful grant-writing experience; a master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University; and a track record of success (as a citizen) in bringing video of our Township Committee meetings to TV and YouTube at NO COST TO TAXPAYERS – a creative, win-win solution I’m very proud of!

In addition, I work very hard to stay informed about what’s going on in our community. I am a regular attendee at meetings of the Township Committee, the Environmental Commission, and the Economic Development Advisory Committee and a frequent attendee at Planning Board meetings. I have spent countless hours knocking on doors and talking with hundreds of residents. I have a good sense of what’s going on in our community and a good pulse on residents’ concerns.

As my work on the TV initiative shows, when I believe strongly in an issue or cause, I develop creative solutions and take action to move things forward and get things done. I pledge to devote that same combination of dedication, persistence, effectiveness, and creativity to tackling the other challenges we face. I look forward to working together to serve the best interests of our community! logo


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