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  • Marc Motley (Write-In)

  • Kenson J. Siver Mayor of the City of Southfield

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Ken Siver has been an active member of the Southfield community for 50 years. He is active in a host of community organizations including the Magnolia Neighborhood Association (treasurer), the Southfield Historical Society (trustee & past president), Southfield Parks & Garden Club (Garden Walk Chair), the Southfield Non-Profit Housing Board (president), the Southfield/Lathrup Village Democratic Club (president) and long involved in local environmental causes. For 45 years he served as a teacher and administrator in the Southfield Public Schools. His last position before retirement in 2011, was Deputy Superintendent. In retirement, he continues to serve as a volunteer in the public schools.

Siver was elected to the Southfield City Council in 2001 and re-elected in 2005, 2009 and 2013. He was elected Mayor of Southfield in 2015. He is the author of three books on the history of Southfield, including Southfield: The History of our City in its 50th Year and Southfield Faces the Crucial Decades: The Development of a Suburb & its School System in the Years Following World War II.
Roads, neighborhoods, public safety, redevelopment and the attraction and retention of businesses are always on the top of Mayor Ken Siver's agenda. As a councilman and mayor he supported the rebuilding off Southfield's roads, sewers & water mains. Mayor Siver believes strongly in neighborhood vitality. As such he has developed numerous partnerships to reinvest and maintain Southfield's housing stock. Code enforcement is a priority. The mayor believes in excellent police, fire and EMS services and supports training & new equipment for the city's first responders. With Southfield's boom years decades past, redevelopment is key to the city's future. Turning the former Northland Center into a new mixed use development is paramount, as is the continued creation of the Southfield City Centre District & developing a sense of place with public art and walkable spaces. With 29 million square feet of office space, Southfield has to continually work to retain and attract new businesses. Siver notes that over 2500 new jobs have come to the city in the past year alone. logo


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