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Syracuse Common Councilor - 4th District

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    Latoya Allen (Dem, Wor) Candidate for 4th District Common Council

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    Serena L Seals (Grn) Organizer

  • Quante Wright (I)

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

What will be your top 3 priorities if elected? (1000 character limit)

Campaign Phone (315) 880-6296
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Facebook page Latoya Allen for a Better Syracuse
Endorsement(s) Central and NORTHERN NY BUILDING and CONSTRUCTION TRADES COUNCIL UFCW District Union Local One SMART Local No. 58 1199 SEIU Upstate NY
Education Associate Degree-Business Technology Onondaga Community College
Access to adult education/ short term training leading into targeted quality paying jobs. With unemployment rates still high, Syracuse has a great stock of able body adults ready to work. We must support funding for job training and placement programs to ensure residents are prepared and available for new job openings. Enforcing the local hiring ordinance and monitoring companies to ensure they are complying, if not we must enforce penalties such as fines or clawbacks. When attracting new developers we have to put emphasis on projects with mixed income. When developing an area if we have different levels of income we eliminate the concentration of poverty. We need to focus on banning housing discrimination based on source of income. Just because some doesn't make a certain amount of money they should have to live in less quality homes/ neighborhood which affects their mentality towards poverty which may create a stagnant mindset and make it even harder to rise above the poverty level.
Workforce Development- to ensure residents have access to quality paying jobs through paid training and job placement. Neighborhood Preservation- increasing quality affordable housing. Supporting code enforcement to serve due process to landlords who have neglected their properties. Increase community participation so neighborhoods are more friendly and well kept. Crime Reduction- working with law enforcement and community members to strengthen our relationships. Supporting the department to ensure they are properly equipped to perform their duties (safety equipment and on the job training).
Campaign address 2617 South Salina St.
Campaign Phone (315) 863-4539
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Education Communication & Public Relations Monroe Community College Job Corp Gradute
The meaning of poverty is a state of being poor. High amount of people who live in our city are poor because we don't have jobs. I hear as an argument that we do have jobs here in the city. My response, are they above a living wage? We have citizens who work a full time job, 40 hours a week and still have trouble paying bills, rent and providing food for their family. I suggest we have living wage jobs for all people in this city. We also invest in worker cooperatives, where we own our own jobs and the wealth created is anchored to our community by democratic ownership like the Evergreen Model in Cleveland,OH. We also need to stop giving tax breaks to private developers and invest in our own.
My three top priorities if I become elected will be: 1. Fight for a Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance which will require a mix of low income- moderate income and market rate units in new or substantially rehabilitated housing development. Making sure that SHA's proposed plan keeps it's word with "Right of Return" for residents who want to come back during the community grid redevelopment. 2. Strengthen the CRB "Citizen Review Board" by giving them subpoena power over the police,give power to release information to the public and media about citizens complaints, provide funding for a part time consultants to help CRB resolve complicated cases in a timely fashion and be able to receive a report on what disciplinary actions are enforced by the Police chief. 3. Create/push an ordinance requiring landlords to remove lead and receive a lead safe certificate before renting. also, Rev. has a tree issue needs to be cut down, stop sign needed on W. Ostrander & Cannon st.,
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