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    Khalid Bey (Dem, Wor, WEP) City Councilor

  • Woodruff L Carroll (Rep)

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    Frank R Cetera (Grn) Small Business Advisor/Analyst at Onondaga Community College/Small Business Development Center; Board President Cooperative Federal Credit Union

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    Timothy Rudd (Dem, Wor) Public Finance Analyst

  • Norm Snyder (Rep, Con, I)

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

What will be your top 3 priorities if elected? (1000 character limit)

Campaign Phone (315) 447-8337
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Twitter handle khalidbey
Endorsement(s) Democratic, Working Families, 1199 SEIU
Education Psychology
As a person who grew up in poverty and who is still surrounded by poverty, it is my understanding that poverty stems from two things: lack of skills and/or professional training and a lack of financial literacy. An immediate solution is jobs for abled body adults. A short term solution is financial literacy (how to budget with what you have). A long term solution is skills and/professional learning opportunities.
My three top priorities include:

- Reduction of unemployment - Crime reduction (particularly domestic violence) - neighborhood revitalization
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Campaign Phone (315) 308-1372
Facebook page
Twitter handle @Frank_Cetera --- Also on Instagram at
Endorsement(s) Greater Syracuse Labor Council - Over 40,000 Workers Strong in 62 Local Unions. International Socialist Organization - Syracuse Chapter. Multiple personal endorsements (and growing) at
Education M.S. in Sustainable Systems Science, Slippery Rock State University of PA. M.F. in Forestry/Natural Resources Management, SUNY-ESF.
Demand elected City Councilors perform the most important role they hold, legislating change & regulating development. It’s not enough to be a constituent services-only Councilor - though that is only what so many people want to hear in response to quality of life issues. We must create laws, policy, & programming/services to decrease the gap in income & asset inequality.

The minimum wage had not risen in decades indexed to inflation, & here in Syracuse, trickle-down tax exemptions to developers have never resulted in a living-wage working class. It took strong leadership from legislators & grassroots organizations, including unions, to win the #FightFor15. We will continue that effort locally towards stronger CBAs (Community Benefits Agreements) with developers for fair share of jobs to city residents & minorities; a broader, fairer, sustainable tax base as opposed to the regressive sales tax model, and a stronger police Citizens Review Board to empower communities & neighbors.
Increasing Resident Power. Proportional representation on council, ranked-choice instant-runoff voting for mayor, & public campaign financing. Plus, increase the impact of TNT (Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today) through additional sector support, access to City department officials, & participatory budgeting of additional city General Funds.

Fair and Progressive Taxation including a graduated city income tax & shared county property tax model. The only realistic way to solve our threat of financial insolvency within the next 2 years, & to provide an equitable model of wealth management between economic classes.

Public Ownership through concrete efforts - a citizen initiative to municipalize sidewalk maintenance & snow removal, an employee-ownership business development center to facilitate conversion of millions in assets from retiring Baby Boomers to worker owners, & a citywide land trust to facilitate transfer and ownership of Land Bank properties.
Campaign Phone (315) 728-0396
Facebook page
Endorsement(s) Democratic Party Working Families Party Veteran’s Party SEIU 1199 UAW Greater Syracuse Labor Council
Education Henninger High School Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences, BA Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship, MPA
We must stop the growth of poverty across our city. From 2000 to 2010, extreme poverty neighborhoods in Syracuse (which has 56 census tracts) increased from 9 to 19. New projections suggest the number is above 30. Syracusans live within these statistics. We understand the gravity of the consequences and have observed how quickly neighborhoods can change. Poverty continues to creep up on us, and too often it seems unexpected. We must make thoughtful public investments that will help increase the number of neighborhoods where fewer than 20 percent live in poverty. When 4 of 5 residents are not poor, many things feel possible. These neighborhoods have enough stability and financial capacity that good things happen much more often than bad and most people seem to be living well-enough. In particular, those who are poor in economically stable neighborhoods seem to avoid the many of the costs of poverty that occur when it is concentrated.

Learn more:
1. Protect the city’s credit by making smart investments, increasing revenue by financial penalizing code violations, and cultivating strong relationships with our partners in County, State, and Federal government.

2. Increase the number of summer job opportunities for young people. Every young person who wants a summer job should have a summer job.

3. Connect existing assets with sidewalks, bike lanes, and green space to help our community realize its full potential. We have too much blacktop; that is a huge opportunity.

To learn more please see the videos on my website:
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