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Syracuse President of Common Council

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    Helen Hudson (Dem, Wor) Labor Liason/United Way - City of Syracuse

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

What will be your top 3 priorities if elected? (1000 character limit)

Campaign address PO Box 689
Syracuse NY 13205
Campaign Phone (315) 345-8674
Facebook page Helen Hudson for Common Council President
Endorsement(s) Democratic Party, Working Families, Greater Syracuse Labor Council, IBEW Local 43, Sheetmetal Local 58 Workers, Iron Workers, CSEA,Region 5, Teamsters 317, UAW Region 9, Teamsters Local 1149, NALC 134, Local Union 97
Education Syracuse City schools, some SU some OCC
It needs to be addressed in a holistic way, I believe the first thing that we need to look at are some of the policies that are in place that keep people living in poverty. With my work with HOPE it gives me an opportunity to speak with the state in addressing some of these unintended consequences. I believe that we have a work force that we is underutilized and I mean that we should train people to the jobs and not just send people to jobs and that is the beauty of Work Train we have had huge success working with Loretto in getting folks trained in the medical field now we are looking toward manufacturing. This is a huge issue that has happened over decades and it's not a issue that will be fixed over night which means that we need everyone and everyone's ideas on how to change the dynamics of poverty in our community. We have families working every day 40 hours a week that are still struggling living in poverty, these are the ALICE folks Asset Limited Income Constraint.
Crime has been front and center for me over the last 20 plus years so that's something that I will continue working with the police on but also continuing working with my communities especially our young people getting them to understand that violence is not the answer. Secondly economics is huge and as president it would give me a opportunity to work with the administration the developers and the community to bring about true development that will not only benefit the city but benefit the surrounding communities. Education is huge but as most people know education is covered by the Commissioners of Education but I am and will always be a strong advocate for strengthening our schools and working with the commissioners on lobbying the state for the long overdue money that has long been designated for our schools. We have to put a concerted effort and we have to be deliberate in focusing our efforts to obtain all of the goals that I've mentioned above. logo


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