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Suffolk County Legislator, 17th District,

Suffolk County Legislator, 17th District
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    Thomas P. Donnelly (Dem, Con, WF, Ind) Lieutenant FDNY/ Town of Babylon Councilman

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    Michael J. Troetti (Rep) Corporate Executive

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What do you think are the most pressing problems facing our county?

Shared services is a strategy that has been considered at the municipal level. To what extent would you use this strategy to best fit county needs?

With the increase in gang violence in Suffolk County, what do you see as the role of the county legislature in curbing this trend?

Campaign Phone (631) 493-4300
Education AA Degree Suffolk Community College. BS Saint Joseph's College. Brooklyn NY
Several: 1. Quality of life Issues: Keeping our neighborhoods Safe, Clean, Good Parks, Improving Roads and Infrastructure. 2. Municipal Budget Control and Working across Partying lines to find solutions to deficit 3.Addressing Gang Violence; Root Cause, Prevention Strategies, Enforcement . 4. Economic Development: Including New Manufacturing in Today's Environment leveraging Route 110 .
Yes. It is a sound practice as a Fire Commissioner in the Deer Park Fire Department we have used this strategy in purchasing equipment with other Fire Departments. It Can work : cooperation is the primary ingredient . For it to work levels of government must work in a cooperative manner particularly on purchasing, delivery of constituent services and programs that may be duplicated.
Several Key Roles in the 17th Legislative District: Be the advocate for additional SCPD resources, Which I have done as a TOB Councilman. Insure County Programs such as prevention, education, and Job Training ie: apprentice programs in the labor and computer tech, Bio tech as well as employment opportunities are being made available . Keeping Young folks on the right road has to be our investment
Campaign Phone (631) 662-0648
Education Bachelor of Business Administration Hofstra University
Decline of high paying permanent jobs Suffolk's declining financial condition Suffolk's Debt grew over 3 times from $600.0 Mil to $2.0 Bil. Taxes rising at a higher pace than hard working people’s salaries County Fees and Regulations are out of control . New fees such as: a) Mortgage Recording Fee b) Map Verification Fee c) Red Light Camera Fee are designed to close the deficit.
Suffolk County’s IT department could provide services relating to information security, hacking and viruses. Savings would result in lower consulting fees, implementation expenses and updating system security software. Suffolk County would realize income while towns and school systems would reduce expenses while remaining independent. Purchasing as a single entity would result in lower costs.
I believe the County Legislature should work closely with County law enforcement agencies, as well as state and federal agencies to develop and coordinate activities designed to eliminate gang violence. Second, the County Legislatures should provide the resources necessary based on the recommendations of Subject Matter Experts and Law Enforcement agencies based on clear measurables to determine s logo


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