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Suffolk County Legislator District 16

Suffolk County Legislator District 16
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    Susan Berland (Dem, WF, Ind, WE) Lawyer

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    Hector P. Gavilla (Rep, Con) Real Estate Broker

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What do you think are the most pressing problems facing our county?

Shared services is a strategy that has been considered at the municipal level. To what extent would you use this strategy to best fit county needs?

With the increase in gang violence in Suffolk County, what do you see as the role of the county legislature in curbing this trend?

Campaign Phone (516) 220-9654
Education JD Hofstra Law School BA SUNY Albany
Closing the structural gap, creating more good paying jobs, reducing crime, addressing the opioid epidemic, creating more affordable housing and fighting for clean water.
Shared services that reduce costs should be utilized whenever the quality and type of service is comparable to that expected by the residents of our County.
Work with schools and community groups to ensure that kids have the motivation and tools needed to resist the lure and pressure of gangs; with police, to ensure that criminals who promote gang activity are identified and prosecuted; and with social services and voluntary organizations to ensure that families receive the attention and services they need to make them less likely targets for gangs.
Campaign Phone (516) 526-8557
Education 1992 - St. John's University (Jamaica, NY) Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice 1988 - Commack High School South (Commack, NY)
Suffolk County's $3 Billion Budget and Massive Debt is a result of wasteful deficit spending. The County created harmful backdoor taxes like the Red Light Camera Program, Mortgage Tax, Tax Map ID Tax, Alarm Registration Tax. We have gang and opioid problems. We must have stiffer sentences for drug dealers and deport criminals who are here illegally. We must lower property taxes to keep people here
The idea of using Shared services to save money is a misnomer and distraction from the real problems: Costly pensions, Out of control wages, and free healthcare to government employees are some of the reasons for higher costs. We are using shared services but has failed to provide significant savings. We need to cut spending to balance the budget.
There is a direct connection between the unaccompanied minors from Central America and the increase in gang related activity. We must end Suffolk County's "Sanctuary" County policy. I will introduce a bill to ensure that if someone is arrested for any crime and they are here illegally, they must be reported to ICE and deported. My opponent has done nothing to force criminals to be deported. logo


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