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Town of Huntington Supervisor

Town of Huntington Supervisor
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    Tracey A. Edwards (Dem) Councilwoman

  • Chad A. Lupinacci (Rep, Con, Rfm) Assemblyman, Educator, Attorney

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    Michael Raspantini (I) Self Employed Entrepreneur

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What do you see as the major challenges facing the Huntington Town Supervisor? How would you address them?

If elected, what would you like to have accomplished by the end of the 4-year term.

The Town of Huntington has received an AAA rating for some time now. Yet, there appears to be some discrepancy between candidates in regard to the financial strength of the Town and its fiscal policies. Could explain your position on this matter.

Address Dix Hills, NY
Campaign Phone (631) 439-0400
I think that town government provides top-quality services to all its residents; however, there's always room for improvement. One of my top priorities will involve the town's departments of Public Safety & Code Enforcement. I would like the departments to have better coordination with other law enforcement agencies, particularly the Suffolk Co Police Department. We also need to work on providing
As I mentioned in the question about priorities, one of my goals is to pursue public-private partnerships as well as partnering with the state and the county to improve our water quality and open space, particularly on the beautification and revitalization of our waterfront. I would like to update our master plan, streamline the permit process, and launch a community visioning process which is a c
Both private rating agencies and the state’s fiscal watchdog have affirmed the Town’s sound fiscal management and 10th straight year of AAA bond rating.   ​I​ n their rating report ​,​  ​ Standard & Poor’s gave the Town’s fiscal practices high marks.  Standard & Poor’s wrote : ​ ​ “The Town’s strong management practices and policies underpin its commitment to maintaining structural balance and str
Education Hofstra University, J.D.; Hofstra University, MBA; Hofstra University, BA
•Drugs abuse and gang violence •Accountability, transparency, and ethics at Town Hall •Town government accessibility and responsiveness •Economic opportunity •Environmental protection

I would address these challenges by working closely with my colleagues, constituents, and experts in the respective issue areas.

•Significantly reduced rates of drug abuse and gang violence •Heightened accountability, transparency, and ethical practices at Town Hall •A town government that truly works for the people, with a welcoming atmosphere and a willingness to resolve issues in a reasonable timeframe •A healthier local economy for businesses and jobs •A cleaner environment and a sufficient infrastructure

The Town may in fact have a great bond rating, but that does not address the reckless spending that has been going on. Bonding should not be used as an alternative to responsible spending. When the Town Board recently approved the piercing of the Tax Cap – which was created to keep municipal spending under control -- it was yet another indication that the Town of Huntington needs a New Direction.
Campaign Phone (631) 606-0720
Education Hofstra University - Bachelors in Communication
We require the adoption of transparency practices & the People must have greater access to officials, information, law, contracts, & departments. We can work with Reclaim New York, a 501c3 Not-for-profit to streamline this. Water quality. We will work with the Commission for Aquifer Protection. Controlling Town capital spending. I will enact "zero base budgeting" & save our residents money.
Control the budget & save the People money. Eradicate gangs by working alongside the Federal government & eliminating the opioid issue. Ending government corruption & enacting transparency measures, placing all contracts online. Developing new programs for seniors who can't afford their homes, & for first-time home buyers to buy a home. Regulate cell towers, "brown boxes" & remediate our waters.
The AAA bond rating is based on the ability to borrow capital in order to close the 2-million dollar revolving budget deficit. What's best is to close that hole instead of borrowing to cover the debt. It appears that the Town is duplicating services which the County provides. This means there is ample opportunity to "trim the fat," eliminate positions that are unnecessary, & lower taxes. logo


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