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Suffolk County Legislator District 13

Suffolk County Legislator District 13
  • Colleen T. Maher (Dem)

  • Robert Trotta (Rep, Con, Rfm, Ind) Legislator

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What do you think are the most pressing problems facing our county?

Shared services is a strategy that has been considered at the municipal level. To what extent would you use this strategy to best fit county needs?

With the increase in gang violence in Suffolk County, what do you see as the role of the county legislature in curbing this trend?

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Campaign Phone (631) 901-6204
Education Masters in Labor Management Relations BA in Criminal Justicee
1. Corruption in government & politics - everything feeds from there. Politicians should not be able to take campaign contributions from unions and then vote of their contracts. 2. Politicians should be greatly limited in the amount of money they take from contractors doing business with the County. Until this stops, you will see a myriad of increases in fees, taxers and surcharges .
It would have almost no effect because of the above stated reasons.
Before I was a legislator, I was in the FBI Gang Task Force and we had a good handle on gangs but Bellone allowed Inmate Burkes to disband the task force and then Public safety director Tim Sini did nothing for 18 Months while the gangs took hold. The legislature also did nothing while this was occurring even as I was pointing out the severity of the problem. We need fresh blood. logo


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