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Onondaga County Legislator - 10th District

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    Kevin A Holmquist (Rep, Con, I, Tax) Manlius Key Bank Branch Manager

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    Mark Matt (Dem, Wor, WEP) Candidate County Legislator 10th District

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done at the County level to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

Campaign Phone (315) 256-7346
Campaign email
Facebook page Kevin Holmquist and Kevin Holmquist for Onondaga County Legislator
Twitter handle @KevinHolmquist
Endorsement(s) Republican, Conservative, Independence, Veterans and Citizens Parties. CSEA (largest union in County Government)
Education Onondaga Community College, Associates Degree, Business Administration; Syracuse University, Bachelors Degree, Political Science
1) Provide world class services to our residents as listed in the Charter of Onondaga County. Our priorities should be Public Safety, maintaining our Infrastructure and providing the critical services that our citizens need. A strong limited effective and efficient government is the best government.

2) We need audits. As the policy making branch of County Government, the Legislature needs to demand that the County Comptroller is allowed to audit the County Executive's various boondoggles. These include: Economic Development (disaster), Lakeview Amphitheatre (losing $500,000+/year not including capital investment!), Information Technology (PeopleSoft has been an epic failure) just to name a few. The County Executive will not allow these audits to occur; what is she hiding? Why is the County Legislature complicit?

3) Protect local government (the most efficient kind) and oppose big metropolitan government. The City and the Suburbs both lose if big metropolitan government passes.
Poverty in the City is a complicated issue that obviously requires a coordinated approach from every level of government, private sector investment, not for profit agencies as well as family and educational institutions working together. I would argue that the County level of Government is currently investing in the City in multiple ways throughout our County budget and with its support of the current Sales Tax distribution formula. The County is currently doing more than our fair share and yet overall this problem continues to grow. Government is not the only answer. Most "remedies" seem to always include Government solutions, sometimes exclusively! This is a community problem and it will not be solved if we all just expect the Government to fix it alone. We need skin in the game from all stakeholders, including all members of our community. We can only succeed with community wide buy in.
Campaign Phone (315) 420-9209
Facebook page MARK MATT for County Legislator
Endorsement(s) Democratic Party, Working Families Party, Women's Equality Party, Greater Syracuse Labor Council,Teamsters Local 317, CWA Local 1123
Education SUNY Brockport: B.S. in Economics, M.S. Ed. in Higher Education Administration. Le Moyne College: post-grad. credits in accounting.
1.Transparency and accountability of government – Open meeting laws should be honored. Meetings of the County Legislature could be held in the evening and as a live-stream. Town Hall meetings should be held for our residents. I also support non-partisan redistricting to stop gerrymandering. 2.Economic Opportunity. The goal of our County Legislature should be to attract jobs in the areas of technology and service. I support reforming the IDA into a regional entity to stop the city and county from competing with each other. A regional plan could foster the development of many small businesses, not just the few large projects. 3.Environmental Sustainability. I support the collaboration of our educational institutions, manufacturing technology and local expertise to promote and develop a green economy and attract green jobs. Renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly urban planning, and addressing suburban sprawl are all key components of the healthy growth of this county.
The County needs to work with the city, plain and simple. Each need the other to truly grow CNY as a whole. I believe we can foster economic growth by partnering our secondary schools, medical facilities and higher education institutions with businesses. Our children need preparation for their economic future. The County could work with labor unions to create apprenticeships and outreach for trade jobs. We could work with nonprofits to enhance educational skills in the workforce. At the county level, we should also be working on getting access to hi-speed internet service for everyone. Without this access, students and their families face isolation from opportunities. Change and progress needs to be embraced by the county and the city. The work environment is changing more rapidly than ever and the ability for our workforce to adapt will be key to long-term employment. Breaking the cycle of poverty in the city will require the efforts of all the stakeholders, including the county. logo


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