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Mayfield Heights Mayor

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $49,000Incumbent Anthony J. DiCicco is running against the current Council president, Gayle M. Teresi.
  • Anthony J. DiCicco

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    Gayle M. Teresi Executive Assistant to CEO

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Age 67
Education Graduate of Maple Heights High School
Current occupation Executive Assistant to CEO; Council President/Mayfield Heights City Council
Qualifications for office Prior woman business owner with strong leadership skills; effective communicator.
Campaign Phone (440) 823-4462
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Currently the Mayor's position is part time but my belief is that although it may be a part time job, it should be the Mayor's full time responsibility. As Council President for the past 4 years, I have seen lack of commitment and leadership from administration. Department heads run the City more so than the Mayor. Department heads who earn a considerable salary leave in the course of the day and work in other communities, all with the approval of the Mayor. I feel that if 78% of the $22M city budget is for salaries and fringe benefits our employees should work in our community during the work day! I want the administration to be more cognizant of the budget and how and where tax dollars are being spent and where tax dollars will come from in the future. With less or no money coming from state and/or federal I want to make sure we are being fiscally responsible each and every day.
Our City is an older community and we have very little opportunity left for development. We have approximately 5,000 homes and 5,000 apartment units. We also have a large number of rental homes that are owned by out-of-the-city landlords. Currently many of our rental homes are in poor condition and neighbors are fearful that these nuisance or blighted homes reduce property values. My goal is to make sure our departments are following our codified ordinances to alleviate some of these issues. Our neighborhoods should be clean and safe for all residents. Lack of inspections, vacant properties, unkept yards and meth houses lower our housing values. Also, our community is very fortunate to have a number of corporate entities that I am hoping to work with to bring a private/public partnership together. Currently our Mayor has designated himself and our HR Compliance Officer as the Economic Development department with little success. My goal would be to investigate the ability to either hire a firm or an individual who can bring wealth and tax dollars to our community.
We have a number of challenges. First, as I mentioned above, we have housing issues that need to be addressed; we have a park system with a swimming pool that is 57 years old. Each year the City dumps thousands of dollars into that pool just to get it up and running for the season. Two or more years ago the City paid a consultant to find a way to update the park system. To date, nothing has been done - money out the window! Our residents use a new, clean, safe neighborhood community pool. Mayfield Heights is a retail mecca. We have a number of shopping centers here, but as everyone is aware today, retail has challenges. We have 20 vacant stores and who knows when they will be filled. The vacant stores send the wrong message about the community.

In my quest to become the Mayor I am supporting three gentlemen who I know have the same goals and strengths to get the myriad of objectives accomplished. Two of these gentlemen, Donald Manno and Robert Dejohn are currently on City Council and need to be re-elected. A newcomer who has stepped forward, Giuseppe Di Iulio sits on our BZA board would be a great addition to City Council. My hope is that the residents see we really are a team that cares - not only about today but moving forward in the City. logo


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