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Lyndhurst City Council, Ward 4

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $10,500Newcomer Dale E. Veres is running against incumbent Steve Grushetsky.
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    Steve Grushetsky Current Councilman, Lyndhurst OH - Ward 4

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    Dale E. Veres Organizational Strategy Consultant

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Age 50
Education BA The Ohio State University, MBA Baldwin Wallace University
Current occupation National Sales Manager for an Ohio based manufacture of commercial and industrial welded fasteners and stud welding equipment. Have been employed there for 23 years.
Qualifications for office Throughout my career I have developed an acumen for budgeting and financial decision-making. Problem-solving, to me, is a task that requires reflexive thinking, and an even emotional foundation based in fact. Throughout my time on Council I have demonstrated those qualities needed to make both the popular decisions, as well as the not so popular decisions, for this city.
Campaign Phone (440) 252-2759
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I am deeply committed to Lyndhurst. With my knowledge and experience, I would like to continue to influence the direction of our city. I enjoy working cooperatively with our residents, and other members of our City Council, and share a mutual respect of differing opinions and attitudes. I think it is critical for an elected official to ensure proper planning, oversight, and delivery of policies and budgets to safeguard our present and most importantly provide for our future. Forming a shared vision with council, while keeping the common good of our citizens in mind is a task I have embraced. I have the proven dedication, the mind-set, the temperament, and the education, to fulfill the duties necessary to help Lyndhurst continue to thrive.
Lyndhurst is a great community which I hope to leave in better shape than when I began my service on City Council. The good of this City is first and foremost to me. My aim is to strengthen our reserves, to keep our budget balanced, to continue to supply our residents with city services, police and fire, which are second to none. I will strive to continue to improve the training of our Lyndhurst employees and their respective processes to insure a solid future here. For my Ward, I would like to continue to engage my residents, personally, to keep them abreast of what is happening in Lyndhurst, to encourage more participation in city functions and our government, and to keep the lines of communication open and honest between our elected officials and our citizenry.
Lyndhurst is considered an inner-ring suburb. And as such, we have many of the same issues as our surrounding neighbors. Some of those issues are:

• Lyndhurst is known to have a higher median age than any community around us – perhaps even the County which makes our support of the programs offered by our Community Partnership on Aging very important.

• So too, our housing stock continues to age which makes our housing inspection programs, rental registration programs and other such initiatives critical to assure we have neighborhoods that look and are well maintained and that our ordinances are being enforced. We also partner with the Cleveland Restoration Society’s Heritage Home Program which offers assistance, in the form of free advice by experts and low-interest loans, to owners of homes 50 years or older.

• Economic Development is also an area we must continue to focus our efforts on in order to attract and maintain as much business activity in the City as possible.

• Our City schools continue to be an issue I, my colleagues and our Mayor continue to discuss and review in order to provide as much influence as possible. While the schools have separate leadership there must be open exchange between us to assure whatever changes are needed have a chance at being implemented.

Age 60
Education • MBA – Masters of Business Administration with concentration in Finance & Accounting (University of Pittsburgh) • BA – Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Washington & Jefferson College) • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt • Extensive Professional Development
Current occupation Organizational Strategy Consultant
Qualifications for office I bring strong professional credentials, real experience, and results-oriented expertise to the table. My 35-year career in strategic planning and finance has given me the wide-ranging experience and skills to work with other leaders across the city, the community, and our region to steer Lyndhurst through the many challenges we face now and will face in the future. Additionally I am very involved in community. I have over 20 years years of active service and leadership in professional organizations, my neighborhood association, and in my family church. I’ve used my experience to enhance the vibrancy and strengthen the vitality of both our neighborhood and my church. I am not a career politician. I am down-to-earth and genuine. I am a forward-thinking Change Agent and Can-Do Guy. Lyndhurst has been very good to my family and I want to give back to our community. And I will serve our community to the best of my abilities.
Campaign Phone (216) 659-7574
Email address
First, I am a concerned citizen who will work diligently to make a strong, positive change in our Lyndhurst community. My key concerns - Why I’m Running - can be summarized as follow.

• We pay high taxes . . . how do we get the best and biggest bang for our tax buck?

• What do we need to do to ensure the safety and security of our local neighborhoods?

• What does the Lyndhurst of tomorrow look like?

• How do we increase the desirability of our City?

Secondly, I have a long track record of community involvement and leadership.

• Lyndhurst resident and home owner since 1998.

• Lyndhurst Park Estates Board – including 6 years as Chairperson.

• Church Parishioner (33 years) – 15 years in executive leadership (President, VP, Treasurer)

Thirdly, I bring strong professional credentials to the table.

• Organizational Strategy Consultant – Real Leadership, Real Results.

• Visionary Leader . . . strong track record of fostering positive change in large organizations.

• Seasoned Professional . . . tested package of broad-based expertise, experience, and know-how.

• Impact: Skilled in leveraging resources to save money, increase productivity, and boost bottom line.

 Fortune 50 Firm: multi-year project – cost savings for client totaling over $50 million.

 Non-Profit Strategic Planning: Initiative encompassing 180 congregations with $380 million in assets.

 Strategic Ventures: Developed market strategy for large US firm. Bottom line impact of $30 million.
Like the rest of Greater Cleveland, our Lyndhurst community is changing. From changes in the job market to the changing of our neighborhoods as older residents retire and move out and younger families move in. The many changes have strong implications for our city. They highlight why we must manage our city’s resources extremely well. That’s why I’m running.

My Priorities – What I Want To Accomplish – Are As Follow:

• Performance, Not Politics . . . become fact-based, a results-driven, high-performing government.

• Establish The Blueprint . . . become the premier City where people really want to live, work and stay.

• Lyndhurst 2040 . . . define the vision and develop strategy for the Lyndhurst of tomorrow.

• Be Best-In-Class-Government . . . effectively strengthen our City’s vibrancy and financial vitality.

I am not a career politician. I grew up in a small town and obtained a BA in Economics and MBA in Finance. My entire 35-year career has been in the private sector, working for large firms, small start-ups, and non-profits.

My focus is simple: enabling real, effective change to help clients make the best strategic and financial decisions for their own organization, stakeholders, and customers. I work to determine and instill best-in-class benchmarks against which we measure performance. I am highly objective and forward thinking. I bring experience. I bring expertise. And I will bring innovation to government that delivers real results.
Every city has challenges it must confront. For Lyndhurst, the ones that are at the top of my list are as follow.

• First, having a clear vision of what we want our city to be. We need to rebuild our vision of Lyndhurst from the ground up given the changes we’re experiencing in our economy, our housing, and our business community. We have a solid foundation for today’s world, but we need a plan for our city twenty years from now. We need a “Vision 2040 for Lyndhurst.” Only by looking far ahead can we establish the principles needed to guide our actions today.

• Second, getting the most results for every tax dollar spent. As our tax base changes, we need to assure that Lyndhurst is extremely efficient with all our resources. By paying close attention to the financial details, we will work towards becoming the best city in Ohio.

• Third, preserving the quality of our neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods define Lyndhurst. Keeping our neighborhoods strong for families, safe for our children and seniors, should be the primary mission of the city. Protecting the property values of our homes – that for most of our residents is the largest single investment we make during our lives – should be a paramount goal of the city.

In short, these mean everything the city does should be viewed in the light of “what does this mean for our residents, our neighborhoods?” It’s how we need to think to help Lyndhurst become a truly premier city. And that is why I am running. logo


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