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Onondaga County Legislator - 8th District

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    James P LaSpino (Rep, Con) Driver for Genuine Parts (NAPA)

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    Christopher J Ryan (Dem, I) County Legislator

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done at the County level to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

Campaign Phone (315) 200-6099
Twitter handle ServingOnCo
Education Bachelor of Arts, Western Illinois, Graduate of Army JFK Special Warfare Language Center in the Turkish Language, Graduate of Academy College of Minneapolis MN (Aircraft Dispatch)
1. Oppose all attempts to allow any city or town in Onondaga County to have sanctuary status for illegal immigrants. Oppose all attempts to subjugate US citizens, US Constitution or city charter to foreign entities or foreign practices such as the United Nations, or Sharia Law 2. Oppose all attempts to merge Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse (Oppose CONSENSUS). 3. Work to prevent the City of Syracuse and other county municipalities from going Bankrupt.
Key causes of poverty are limited job opportunities, limited public transportation, high taxes and illiteracy. The city must try to draw more businesses and more higher paying jobs by lowering our county's outlandish property taxes and utility rates and decrease the amount of regulations for companies and individuals. Existing employers are leaving, new ones are not coming in because other states offer a better environment in which a firm can flourish and prosper. Overcoming illiteracy is an important step for individuals for to getting out of poverty. To receive a diploma from a county high school, all graduates must pass a literacy test. All welfare beneficiaries must receive literacy training, We must clamp down on illegal immigration, which siphons off jobs from county residents. Finally, legislators need to work with CENTRO to improve or add bus routes, that will help connect those without transportation to currently inaccessible suburban jobs.
Campaign Phone (315) 484-9171
Campaign email Cjryan1123@yahoo.comYes
Facebook page Christopher Ryan 8th District Count Legislator
Endorsement(s) Democrat, Independence, Veteran's
Education BS Buffalo State College
1. Increase, incentiveize, and promote economic development by working with the SIDA, OCIDA, CenterState, Visit Syracuse, and SOCPA to make it easier to attract businesses to Central New York. 2. Public Safety and pass redistricting reform and end the practice of gerrymandering the legislative districts. 3. Work to provide the impoverished and economically depressed areas of Syracuse with greater economic opportunity including, but not limited to, the refugee community.
As I mentioned above, I plan to attract businesses and job opportunities back to the city. Job opportunities need to be in close proximity to those that need them most. logo


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