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Onondaga County Legislator - 7th District

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    Tom Buckel (Dem, Wor, WEP) Lawyer

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    Courtney M Hills (I) Municipal Attorney

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done at the County level to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

Campaign Phone (315) 882-3199
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Twitter handle Tom Buckel @TomBuckel
Endorsement(s) Democratic Party * The Veterans Party of Onondaga County * Working Families Party * Womens Equality Party * Greater Syracuse Labor Council * Service Employees International Union Local 1199 * United Auto Workers * International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 43* Ironworkers Local 60 * Painters Local Union 61 * United Food and Commercial Workers * Teamsters Local 317 * Teamsters Local 1149
Education BA: Canisius College JD: University of Virginia Law School
My focus is on restoring Central New York’s role as an economic, social, and educational leader while actively resisting any attempt by the Trump administration to take us backwards.

My top regional priorities are: economic development (creating manufacturing, technology and biotech jobs and reducing poverty, and comprehensive traffic modernization in the city and along Route 481 in conjunction with the Route 81 overpass project); education (increasing support for student and adult skills training at OCC); protecting the environment, including implementing a zero-waste recycling program throughout the county; and protecting economic and social justice.

My top district priorities include: funding sheriff crime and traffic patrols to supplement city police; storm water drainage improvements; reconstruction of abandoned sites in Carrier Circle; cracking down on absentee landlords and irresponsible tenants; and constructing sidewalks and sewer lines along Maple Drive.
1. Transform the outdated way we deliver social services by changing the ponderous top-down bureaucracies and siloed programs approach, to a streamlined, technology driven, less demeaning approach that expedites the delivery of core services and support, and reaches everyone in need while at the same time encouraging personal responsibility. One possibility:form public/private partnerships with banks, credit unions, and technology companies to create Health, Opportunity, and Personal Empowerment (“HOPE”) accounts. Equip all low-income individuals in need with an online HOPE account and action plan that helps individuals receive the benefits they need and build a long-term plan to lift themselves out of poverty. 2. Universal child care and pre-school. 3. County funded mental health and social service supports in each school, focused on early intervention, mentoring, education, medical support, and child-rearing responsibility initiatives for parents of young children.
Campaign Phone (315) 682-0905
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Endorsement(s) Republican Party
Education Juris Doctor degree from Syracuse University College of Law, Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University College of Human Services & Health Professionals, and Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University College of Arts & Sciences. I am a member of the New York State Bar Association, the Onondaga County Bar Association, the New York State Conference of Mayors and Public Officials, and the New York State Association of Towns.
(1) Ensuring public safety. I intend to work with the Sheriff, District Attorney, and Syracuse PD to ensure cooperation on deployments/patrols to ensure safe neighborhoods. In addition, I would like to build on some of the good work the County is already doing to help end the opioid crisis here in Central New York. (2) Keeping taxes low while providing quality services. The County has reduced or maintained the property tax levy every year for the past 6 years. I intend to ensure that trend continues while making sure we are delivering effective services and addressing quality of life issues. (3) Investments in infrastructure. I mean this on a broad scale - our streets, bridges, sewers, and water. We need to see investments in these areas on the Northside, in the Village of East Syracuse and in DeWitt. Just this month we have seen a need to increase our investments in our water infrastructure, in particular - ensuring the protection of our incredibly valuable water resources.
Poverty can be quite complicated but some of the solutions to poverty are: safeguarding our neighborhoods by investing in our police and sheriffs and ensuring they are meeting the needs of City residents; reducing crime wherever possible with a strong focus on violent crime; continuing County investments in education; and protecting working families with efforts such as our early childhood literacy programs and daycare for working parents. Incentives to work, such as the daycare program, are key to addressing poverty and without these valuable County programs people across the city, and county, will be adversely impacted. logo


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