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Onondaga County Legislator - 3rd District

  • Timothy T Burtis (Rep, I)

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    Peter C Ludden (Dem, OGP) Labor Relations Specialist

  • Peter H Nasarenko (Con)

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done at the County level to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

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Campaign Phone (315) 420-9150
Facebook page Friends of Pete Ludden: Pete Ludden for Onondaga County Legislator
Twitter handle @PeteLudden
Endorsement(s) -Greater Syracuse Labor Council -Uplift Syracuse -United University Professions Upstate Medical University Chapter -IBEW Local 1249 -UFCW District Union Local One -Iron Workers Local 60 -OCCFTA (Onondaga Community College Federation of Teachers and Administrators) -CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME, AFL-CIO
Education Bacherlor’s Degree Syracuse University Master’s Degree SUNY Geneseo
I will work towards establishing term limits of no more than 8 years for all elected County positions, full time and part time. Additionally, I support a legislature schedule that includes night meetings that are live streamed to allow for attendance and viewing by the residents of the County, all of which would be preceded by proper and adequate notification. Finally, in the area of reform and accountability, I endorse non-partisan redistricting of the 17 County Districts. In the area of Economic Development my priorities would be a living wage for county workers and reform of the PILOT program. Regarding Mental Health Services, we have too few providers, a limited number of beds in facilities and scant availability of services available to our County residents. As political leaders and, more importantly, as humanitarians and people of faith, we have to provide adequate and appropriate services for our citizens identified as having a mental illness.
Clearly, if people are at or below the poverty level, then they are not earning a living wage. By offering a wage that will allow an individual to provide for her/his family – defined as adequate housing, transportation (which could be public transportation), food and health coverage – we will improve their likelihood to rise above the poverty level. My legislative priority is a living wage for County workers, so not everyone would be covered by a County living wage. If, however, the County implements a living wage, along with the City of Syracuse already having one, then the combined clout of those two entities would, hopefully, encourage area businesses to follow suit and offer a living wage to their workers. The more income people have, the more tax revenue is created for the City and County, which will allow for more opportunities for further economic development and the creation of more and better paying jobs.
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