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Fluvanna School Board Columbia District

Fluvanna County School Board is committed to providing equalopportunity for every student to achieve maximum intellectual, social,emotional, and physical growth and to ensuring that each student be equipped to communicate effectively with other people, to be competent both in theworkplace and in higher education, and to feel confident of the ability to makecreative and constructive decisions in his/her life.
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    Andrew R. Pullen (I) Lieutenant - Spotsylvania County Fire and EMS

  • Linda Staiger (I)

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What policies or programs would you advocate to close opportunity gaps among children in your division and to establish greater equity and access to learning resources for all students?

What steps would you take as a school board member to return state aid to previous levels to provide for more of the costs of local education to be paid from a more diverse tax base than simply local real estate taxes?

For more than 25 years, the way in which student academic performance is measured by the state has been Standards of Learning (SOL) tests, often multiple choice and taken for a few hours on one day. Recently, the state has suggested in might consider other ways in which to measure academic performance. This could include completion of special projects or student portfolios of their work over several years. Would you favor the end of SOL testing in favor of alternate assessments like completion of special projects or student portfolios of their work over several years.? What is the best way to measure student academic performance?

For many years, school boards, administration and their policies have focused on guaranteeing results rather than guaranteeing opportunities. I am dedicated to investing in career technical opportunities for those students who may seek a skilled trade career while expanding STEM programs to reach children earlier and more often. I am committed to providing opportunities for every student to discover their individual god given talents and to define success for themselves.
I believe that the local government should be the strongest because it is the closest to the people and the most accountable. Our tax dollars are better spent and go much further when we fund programs locally rather than sending our hard earned money to travel through many levels of bureaucracy and government only to return as much less funding than what was sent. We do need to lobby our state representatives on the impact of unfunded mandates sent to the locality from Richmond.
I am absolutely a fan of ending SOL testing and anything that attempts to conform students and educators to a politically driven government standard rather than us conforming to the needs of the student. Education is not "one size fits all" and I am a fan of incorporating projects where students apply their knowledge and skills to real life problems while focusing on teacher created, performance based assessments.
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