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Charlottesville Commissioner of the Revenue 57th

The Commissioner of the Revenue is the chief tax assessing officer of the local government. It is an elected office. The existence of this position is set forth in the Constitution of Virginia, and so is called a Constitutional Office. The Commissioner of the Revenue serves a four-year term at the pleasure of the voters.
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    Todd D. Divers (Dem) Commissioner of the Revenue

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How will a new computerized office operate?

What are your priorities in your second term?

What is the most significant accomplishment during your tenure as Commissioner of the Revenue?

A FULLY “computerized office” is probably not possible in that there are restrictions in our State Code regarding transmitting certain types of taxpayer information over the internet. Likewise, we have to be careful not to leave our less digitally-connected friends and neighbors behind. Customer service is our first priority. However, to the extent possible, we would like for taxpayers to be able to transact their business with us over the internet. Online business tax portal coming soon!
Working with Council, the Commissioner of the Revenue Association and our partners in Richmond to make sure our local tax code is fair and consistent with State Code.

Alleviating confusion over City/County boundaries. We routinely see feedback from residents expressing confusion and frustration about where to pay taxes, register cars, etc. Further, state sales tax revenue can be misdirected when sales are reported incorrectly, requiring later transfers that can run into the millions over time.
Here's three: 1. An integrated software system for the three relief program’s administered by the office - streamlining taxpayer notification, outreach, and the application process itself; 2. Engaging with Council and Zoning on a zoning code change integrating short-term residential lodging as it is commonly offered through online platforms into the City’s zoning and tax structure. 3. With the Treasurer’s office, implementing a new tax software system, improving efficiency across both offices. logo


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