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Term: 4 years:Incumbents Jon M. Fancher (president), who is serving his second term, and Kathy Goepfert, now in her fourth term, are running for re-election. The current vice president, Rick Manoloff, is not running for re-election. The other candidates for the three open seats are Ruth Beach, Daniel H. Dunchalk, and Dan Mayer.The terms of Diana Leitch and Addie Olander expire in 2019.The Rocky River Board of Education supports equal educational opportunities for students free from limitations based upon ethnic or racial backgrounds, religious beliefs, economic and social conditions, disability, or sex.
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    Ruth Beach Owner of ruth beach ink, writing and editing

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    Daniel H. Dunchack US DOL Wage & Hour Investigator

  • Jon M. Fancher

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    Kathy Goepfert Rocky River School Board

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    Dan Mayer Project Management

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Explain why you want to serve (or continue to serve) on the Board of Education. What talents do you think you add to the board?

What are the most significant issues facing your school district and what is the most effective way to deal with them?

Rankings by the state affect how your district is perceived by residents and prospective residents. How should the board react to the state's performance index rankings for the district?

Age 46
Education BA, Earlham College MA, Boston University
Current occupation writer & editor
Qualifications for office -Parent of 3 kids currently in RR schools -Writer for district website (5 + years of interviews with teachers, administrators, students, coverage of awards & events) -Professional writer of textbooks & curricular material for publishers used in RRCS -Member of District’s Communications Action Planning Team -Small business owner in RR -Platform includes earlier introduction of foreign languages & bolstering PR/Communications, diversity in hiring
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My three children are currently enrolled in the RR schools and have been since kindergarten. I know first-hand that our schools are excellent. For the last five years I’ve written for the School District’s website. I’ve interviewed teachers, staff, administrators and students in all our school buildings. The people working in our schools have gotten to know me well, and I have gotten to know them.

These years of professional contact, as well as nearly 15 years as a PTA member and as a very involved parent, make me uniquely qualified to act as a bridge between the community and the teachers and administration. I know what is going on in the schools and I know the people making it happen.

I also write textbooks, some of which are taught in RR classrooms. This gives me an inside look into the state requirements that our students and teachers are being asked to meet.

The talents I will add to the board include inside knowledge of curriculum, the insight of a parent of current students, and working relationships with many teachers, staff, and administrators. I will also add a calm, evenhanded ability to listen to people, an ability honed by my occupation as a writer who has interviewed hundreds of article subjects. This also makes me a strong communicator, and I will bring the ability to communicate the workings of the board to our community and taxpayers.

Our district was recently ranked #2 in the state, testament to the talented educators, staff, and administrators our district already has in place. Our challenge is to continue to offer them the support they need to keep helping our students perform at such high levels.

We need to continue to make sure we are spending taxpayer money in a responsible way. The most effective way to deal with this, as a board member, is to immerse myself in the details of our budget and understand exactly where the money is going.

Our district needs to continue to focus on our goal Global Competitiveness. Steps are in place toward that already, including student opportunities for world travel. I would also like to see languages introduced at an earlier grade, which will require looking at how other school districts fit early language into their budget and their students' schedules.

Another issue facing our district is communication. I would like to see the board and administration have dedicated social media presence (ie, facebook) so taxpayers have an easy, instant way to connect, ask questions, and stay informed.

We need qualified educators from diverse backgrounds (specifically racial, but other types of diversity as well) applying for positions in RR. I am extremely encouraged by the specific steps our administration is taking towards this goal. As I board member, I intend to support this effort however I can, including ensuring teachers are actively supported once they're here.
At a time when our ranking is #2, the board's reaction should be to thank our students, teachers, staff, and administration for their hard work, and thank our taxpayers for their generous support of our district's efforts.

Age 47
Education St. Ignatius High School 88’ Cleveland State University 95’ BA in Political Science Minor in Urban Studies Master’s in Public Administration 12’ Phi Alpha Alpha Honorary Society Working on PhD in Urban Studies and Public Policy with specialization in Public Administration
Current occupation US DOL Wage & Hour Investigator: As of 10/13/2017, I have 23 years of public service enforcing labor laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and Family and Medical Leave Act. In particular, I performed several investigations involving violations of child labor rules (ie. minors working in hazardous occupations), government contract enforcement, and analyzing organization financial documents for compliance. I daily handle hostile situations in challenging situations requiring a disciplined approach.
Qualifications for office 1. Over 22 years of experience in public service 2. Experience reviewing government contracts 3. Experience reviewing financial documents 4. Ability to perform academic research and analysis including quantitative and qualitative methods 5. Persistence (difficult scenarios or people will not reduce my resolve) 6. Integrity 7. Listening (necessary for successful interviews in cases which translates to actual listening to needs of the citizens in the school district 8. Strong sense of justice and fairness for all
Campaign Phone (440) 799-4735
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Having enjoyed 23 years of public service (as of 10/13/2017), I want to continue my service by being a member of the Rocky River School Board. When you spend that amount of time in an occupation implementing the laws and regulations created by legislatures, you notice that many issues performed by government are more nuanced than black and white. A keen intellect willing to ask those tough questions, research best practices, and an openness to listening to all citizens is key to generating good policies.

In addition, it is key for a school board member to have integrity, persistence, and a strong sense of justice and fairness to push for policies that are ethical and protect the inherent dignity of the individual. These principles are found throughout the documents of the Founding Fathers and the US and Ohio constitutions. Particularism will eventually lead to the theft of public good when you do not protect and support the dignity of the individual.

With my academic training while working on my PhD in Urban Studies at CSU and Federal investigative experience, I am especially trained to review a wide variety of documents, financial reports, critical review of academic research, and ask those tough questions. I will not be anyone’s rubber stamp, but I will be your advocate for the best education possible for our students.
Bullying discourages students and even parents from being fully involved in school life. A bullied student will perform less academically and excuse themselves from enhancement activities like sports and other extracurricular activities. Bullying can’t be solved with a program, a class, or even teacher continuing education class focused on bullying. The effort needs the full commitment of everyone involved in the school ecosystem from the bus drivers to the superintendent. A commitment to protecting the inherent dignity of every individual regardless of their condition in life is key for success of the district. Anti-bullying provisions should be enhanced the school conduct procedures, and the performance standards of all staff.

After reviewing the financials with CFO Markus, tuition-free all day kindergarten is not possible without creating a fiscal mess. Nevertheless, all day kindergarten is important to many families in our community. I believe this is a cost we can bear (about $12K per year). The parents receiving this enhanced benefit would still need to go through the lottery and pay something.

After discussing with CFO Markus about the financial forecasts for the next five years, the forecast shows that we will start having more expenditures then revenue starting 2020. We need to manage our fiscal health, so we do not request another levy until 2022-2023. I don’t enjoy paying my property taxes but I don’t want you to pay more taxes until every option is gone.
Being #2 public school in the State of Ohio is amazing! I am so proud to be part of a school district which such profoundly wonderful students. Nevertheless, the idea of Solon being #1 grates me and I believe we can finally beat Solon within the next few years with a full commitment to every student and family in our school district. If every student is given a shot at being best and feels like they have the support necessary to succeed, we will get to the promised land.

School board members need to be independent sources of accountability in the district. We hold the staff accountable and examine performance frequently so problems are stopped early. Sometimes school boards can be a mediator between estranged staff and families which leads to a successful resolution for everyone involved. I will be that source of independence and my experience making me especially qualified for this role: investigative analysis and dispassionate resolve.
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Age 56
Education Master of Public Administration - Public Management, Cleveland State University. Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice, Kent State University Leadership Academy Class, Cleveland State University
Current occupation Retired with over 34 years in Government. 32.5 years with Cuyahoga County.
Qualifications for office I have 16 years of Board experience. I have a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and 34 years of public service, including 25 years of experience in budget research, analysis, and preparation.
Campaign Phone (440) 539-8898
Email address
I truly have enjoyed my time as a Board Member and I believe it is important to give back to the community. Rocky River Schools have given my children a great education. I want to continue moving this district forward and continue to demand the high standard of education the Citizens of Rocky River deserve. I have 16 years of Board experience. I bring to the Board a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and 34 years of public service, including 25 years of experience in budget research, analysis, and preparation. This background helps me to attain the goal of maintaining a school district that is fiscally responsible and accountable to you, the residents of Rocky River. During my tenure we have eliminated the 3 year levy cycle that had been in place since the 1980’s. We are currently working with a 5 year levy cycle and are trying to further extend the levy cycle.
Academics and Finances.

Academics - The State of Ohio will continue to require a high level of academic achievement from all school districts. We as a district must always be ready for the continuous changes and the high standards the State and the citizens of Rocky River require of our District.

Finances – Finances have always been a concern of mine because we need to respect the demand of the future and balance it against a well plan and executed budget. We always need to be prepared for the unfunded mandates from the State. Most of the money the district receives comes from the citizens of Rocky River, many on fixed incomes. I have and will continue to make sure the school district is fiscally responsible. We owe it to our citizens to be good stewards of their money. We have eliminated the 3 year levy cycle that has been in place since the 1980’s. We are currently working with a 5 year levy cycle and are trying to further extend the levy cycle.
The Board reaction should be favorable because the is one way our school district is measured. The Board should give credit and thanks to the Administration and Staff of the District that prepare our students to take the tests. Credit and thanks should be given to our students. They are the ones that take the tests and score high on them. Thanks and credit should be given to the parents for preparing their children for test day. The Board should be very grateful to the community of Rocky River for their support. Without their support we would not be able to perform as well as we do.
Education Graduated Rocky River High School in 1990 and went on to graduate from Ohio University with a degree in Industrial Management in 1995
Current occupation Manufacture and distribute safety products for large engineering and industrial applications.
Qualifications for office I feel that my experiences in construction management with practical problems solving skills and an even handed temperament are a great combination to provide direction to keep the School District operating at the top level.
Email address
The main reason I am running for School Board is the desire to be an active participant in my community. I witness everyday people selflessly giving their time to this community and I felt I was in a position to do the same. I chose the School Board because there was an opportunity to help address issues that affect the community on a daily basis. The skills I can add to the Board of Education are practical problems solving skills and an even-handed temperament in resolving challenges that face the school district.
School safety and the opioid crisis are two ever present concerns with Parents. Working along side with the State and local agencies to make sure The Rocky River School District is aware of and preparing for the ever changing climate.
Ranking second in the State of Ohio Rocky River School District should be proud of their accomplishments. logo


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