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Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor

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    Marc Herman (DEM, WFP, WEP) Dentist

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    John Magelli (REF) Attorney At Law

  • Robert O. Ripp (END) retired NYPD

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    Joseph S. Saladino (REP, CON, IND, TRP) Oyster Bay Town Supervisor

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What viable tactical steps are you proposing that would attract people to your city/town and keep current residents from leaving Long Island for other states?

What specifically will you do to increase the availability of low income/middle class housing, rental as well as ownership, in order to keep our young people from leaving and to attract other young people to our communities.

Since we are seeing the effects of climate change in the form of serious hurricanes and other weather events here and elsewhere in the country, what will you do to strengthen the infrastructure of our towns and cities to deal with the aftermath of such events?

Long Island is unaffordable! Our taxes have been raised 33% in the last 5 years. The Town of Oyster Bay is nearly $900 million dollars in debt. I watched my middle son, his wife and my two small grandchildren leave New York for Philadelphia because they were unwilling/unable to live in a community with such high taxes. We must pay down our debt, lower our taxes, while increasing our tax base to provide a balanced budget!

Alongside cleaning up the Corruption that exists in Town Hall, we need to invest in smart growth development, specifically Transit - Oriented Development. Many of our communities such as Hicksville are ripe for transformation. We want to work with residents (residential input is key!) to build cool walkable downtowns in their community that will help attract new residents, especially young professionals to our Town. Downtown Farmingdale is a great example of a successful implementation.
The first step is stopping the outrageous and continuing tax increases that have been occurring in The Town of Oyster Bay (33% in the past 5 years, 11.5 % this year alone!)

Smart downtown development is key to attracting and keeping young people, and Farmingdale is a prime example of successful development with new stores, enhanced architectural, affordable housing, restaurants all centered around public transportation. We can work with residents to revitalize other sections of The Town, to ensure it is what the residents want, but for this to happen we need vision and the creation of a Master Plan. Every community can become a Farmingdale with leadership that has a vision, a passion, and a plan. We need to increase available housing for low and middle-income residents and their families. I want to implement higher thresholds on affordable housing options in all future development; increasing the percentage required from 10% to 20% to help ensure residents aren't priced out.
Long Island is surrounded by water, and Oyster Bay stretches from the North Shore to the South Shore. As such, the Federal, State and Town governments need to coordinate emergency efforts and preparedness strategies. We have to be proactive in terms of flooding and a continuation of vital resources during a storm. Emergency management systems must be in place and tested with emergency preparedness drills like we practice at Northwell Health System where I am a division chief. We have already witnessed the devastating effects of climate change when Superstorm Sandy hit Long Island in 2012. It isn’t a matter of if another storm is going to hit the island, it’s a matter of when, and we need to be prepared for the next climate event. We need to create a workable evacuation system, which does not exist. Globally, we need to be more active in preventing global warming and its deleterious effects. Politically we need to be electing leaders who believe in Climate Change.
Jobs. The role of Oyster Bay government should first and foremost be the health, safety and welfare of its residents. Therefore, my top priority is to make sure we protect the environment and drinking water. Bethpage is experiencing a catastrophic environmental disaster. The Bethpage water plume must be contained and cleaned up now. So, to retain the current residents we must make it safe to live there. Oyster Bay being at the forefront of this fight is a win-win. We can attract young people with employment in good paying amazing companies geared toward environmental cleanup with smart technology and innovation. This could be the future of our Town. My goal would be to reduce the carbon footprint of Oyster Bay by 25% over 4 years. These steps would attract new and retain current residents.
Once again, the answer is jobs. Jobs in the environmental arena such as the cleanup of the Bethpage water plume will create jobs in all areas especially technology. Technology developed and perfected with Bethpage can in turn be used to project the bidding for other public contracts in the same arena. By retraining, reapplying our current workforce and hiring new innovative thinkers Oyster Bay can earn money rather than going further into debt. I have been a real estate, foreclosure, debt consolidation attorney for 20 years. I would loosen the occupancy rules to allow maybe the one bedroom to be a two bedroom, I would streamline mother-daughter applications, allow for greater square foot living space and loosen the requirements for renovations and extensions. This is a win-win for all including the labor industry.
Climate change and environmental issues are what I care most about while preserving our way of life and protecting our most vulnerable, the elderly and the young. We can-not continue destroying our environment for greed and self- serving interest. We must conserve what we have. Global warming and the rising of the sea is a certainly. Flooding is inevitable. Rather than wait for a flood to create millions of tons of garbage and waste of natural resources we should plan ahead. The Town should spearhead a plan to raise all the homes in the flood zones before another flood. We should stop building on our sumps and stop draining the water directly our Bays and Sound. I will develop a comprehensive 50-year environmental plan. I am in favor of being proactive to prevent the disaster not planning for the aftermath. However, in the event of disaster we must have enough clean water readily available and a comprehensive emergency plan to deal with the sick and elderly.
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Campaign Phone (516) 972-1255
City/Town of Residence Massapequa
Prior Civic Service U.S.M.C. N.Y.P.D.
I don’t feel we have a problem attracting people, young or old to the Town of Oyster Bay.

Reducing our wasteful spending, eliminating redundant patronage positions, restructuring our work force, eliminating our debt, and lowering taxes will give residents an incentive to remain in Oyster Bay.
If elected Supervisor I’d be happy to hear residents input on allowing more rental properties within our town. There is a vast resource of zombie properties within the town that may be a viable resource for moderate priced housing. I’d explore that venue.
We need to have all the appropriate backup systems in place to ensure town operations continue 24/7. We also need to ensure those entities servicing the public in times of emergencies need back up sources of power to ensure continued operations also. During and after super storm sandy the services provided in my community by the various departments of town personnel were exemplary. The rank and file of the T.O.B. have already proven they know how to respond to a disaster.
As a former State Assemblyman and now as Town Supervisor, I have worked tirelessly to cut taxes, create jobs and jumpstart new housing opportunities for residents. We all know that high taxes kill jobs. That is why I joined with Governor Cuomo in placing a TAX CAP on local property taxes. I also helped deliver STAR Rebate Checks to homeowners and reduced income tax rates for middle-class families to the lowest level in 70 years. With more money in residents wallets, they can continue to invest in their homes and businesses.
The State of New York recently awarded my administration with $10 million for downtown revitalization in Hicksville. With input from the community, we will create new housing opportunities for young families. In partnership with the local Chamber of Commerce, community organizations and Vision Long Island, we are advancing new zoning plans that incorporate transit-oriented housing in the downtown area near the Long Island Rail Road. We will capitalize on the MTA's $132 million investment in the Hicksville station. Together, we will lay the groundwork for an exciting new downtown and new housing opportunities, which will jumpstart our economy.

Recently, the Town was also awarded $350,000 in State grants to better track, monitor and combat the occurrence of abandon properties, known as Zombie Homes. These homes should be repurposed and return to the market for purchase by young families.
The Town has successfully secured $10 million in Federal funds through the NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program for storm resiliency and hazard mitigation projects. These funds allow us to better protect communities in storm surge zones. We have installed permanent generators at critical facilities: warming centers, debris removal operations, and first responders operations. Furthermore, we will be making street lighting upgrades along roadways that are critical for safe and secure passage during and after storm events.  The project will entail the installation of solar-powered LED lightbulbs and backup solar-powered retrofits to ensure major roadways and those surrounding key facilities remain lit during power outages. It will make evacuation during a storm event safer, allow first responders to clear roads quicker. Finally, we are addressing shoreline erosion, flooding and bulkhead concerns at Alhambra Park. logo


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