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City of Charlottesville Treasurer

MISSION STATEMENT Promote the financial health of the City through professional collection, processing and investments of revenue.VISION STATEMENT We are a step ahead in providing innovative payment, collection, and investment solutions. CORE VALUES: Providing a professional environment where our employees can thrive and have access to educational opportunities. Concentrating on implementation of technology solutions that will meet or exceed our service requirements. Developing and implementing more streamlined business processes for the convenience of the customer while adhering to the requirements of the law. Listening to customer feedback and implementing changes when possible. Strictly adhering to all federal, state and local laws governing the management of public funds. Working with external brokers and the banking community to achieve the highest and safest investment returns for the City. Taking advantage of educational opportunities in the field of treasury management.
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    Jason Vandever (Dem) Treasurer

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What are the duties of the office of treasurer? What qualifications do you bring to the office?

What will your priorities be as the city treasurer?

As you serve for your second term, what new initiatives would you propose?

The elected position of Treasurer was created in the Virginia Constitution of 1870. The Treasurer is responsible for the billing, collection, processing, and investment of all City revenue. I have served as Treasurer since 2012, and prior to my election served as the Chief Deputy Treasurer for four years. I hold a Master's Certificate in Local Government Management, am a Certified Public Funds Investment Manager, and a Master Governmental Treasurer as designation by the Weldon Cooper Center.
My three priorities are focused on Experience, Accountability, and Innovation. I have served in the Treasurer's Office since 2008 and bring a unique mix of both private and public sector experience. I am a firm believer in accountability in local government, prudent fiscal management, and transparency. If re-elected, I will strive to build greater public trust through professional financial management. Additionally, I am seeking new ways to bring technology and innovation to the office.
Several new projects I am currently undertaking are the implementation of a new Online Citizen and Business Tax Portal, improving the efficiency of online payment processing, and optimizing the City's investment portfolio to maximize earnings and reduce interest rate risk. I will continue to be a strong taxpayer advocate, promoting fair and equitable tax policy while stewarding City resources and safeguarding City funds. logo


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