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Euclid Board of Education

Term: 4 yearsAngela M. Lisy, Donna Sudar (president), and Tisha R. Thomas (vice president) are running for re-election to the five-member Euclid Board of Education. Shani Stokes is also a candidate and is running to replace one of the incumbents. (Current board members Kathy DeAngelis and Steve Johnson are not running.) The Euclid school district's election of board members differs from other districts in the county. Voters select just one candidate on the ballot; the top three vote-getters win the three open seats.
  • Yvette André

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    Angela M. Lisy

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    Donna M. Sudar Director and Lead Pre-K Teacher at Euclid Coopertive Preschool

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    Tisha R. Thomas Human Resources Operations

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Explain why you want to serve (or continue to serve) on the Board of Education. What talents do you think you add to the board?

What are the most significant issues facing your school district and what is the most effective way to deal with them?

Rankings by the state affect how your district is perceived by residents and prospective residents. How should the board react to the state's performance index rankings for the district?

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Age 48
Education • B.A., Chemistry and Mathematics, Washington and Jefferson College, 1991 • M.S., Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1994
Current occupation Senior Research Scientist/Program Manager
Qualifications for office • 24 year resident of the City of Euclid • Mother of four • Member of the Euclid Board of Education • Current Student Achievement Liaison of Euclid BOE • Past Legislative Liaison of the Euclid BOE • Member of the Euclid High School PTA • Member of the Euclid Athletic Boosters • Past Chairman of the Euclid Recreation Commission • Past Board President of the Euclid Panther Swim Team Parent Board
Campaign Phone (216) 375-6432
Email address
I want to continue to serve our students by providing strong, collaborative leadership for our district. I bring institutional memory and lessons learned from our Phase I buildings project. Thus, I will ensure that our Phase II ‘Finish the Job’ buildings project is completed on time, within budget and offers something to every member of our Euclid Community. I want to continue to empower and support our Strategic Planning committees so they can effectively shape Euclid’s academic pathways for the next four years. One talent that I bring to the board is my professional perspective. Currently, I am the industrial liaison for my company that requires me to mentor students from Cleveland State University’s School of Engineering Senior Design teams. In this role, I observe first-hand the importance of aligning academic course work and co-operatives with industry needs. This knowledge has given me a bird’s eye view of what our Euclid students need to prepare them for STEM related degrees and careers. Currently, R&D and manufacturing industries are in desperate need of highly technical skilled labor. Our Phase II high school renovation plan includes a brand new career technical wing to provide opportunities for our students to participate in real-world learning environments where they can develop the problem-solving, interactive skills necessary for future employment.
The most pressing issue facing the Euclid City Schools is our academic performance. We continue to struggle in making significant gains on the Ohio Department of Education report card. If re-elected, I will work with our district leadership team to identify local and state level private funding sources to bring in additional qualified staff to assist classroom teachers in identifying and providing direct intervention to students performing at the basic level. Also, I will work with our district to seek additional funding to provide resources and materials to our classroom teachers enabling them to teach our students (starting at the pre-school level) how to set goals towards making school work a priority. Our teachers need to be empowered to teach our students ways to manage their time, improve their study skills, and figure out his/her best learning strategy (technology, flash cards, singing, games etc.) instead of teaching to the test. Our students have the ability to do well academically, but only if we help them develop skills and habits that will help them solidify information needed to expand learning, finish homework, and pass assessments.
Our district’s results on the most recent state report card, as disturbing as they are, paint a distorted picture of our students and schools causing our public opinion and credibility to suffer. As a district, we need to stay focused on continuing to provide our students with the best resources and academic opportunities to narrow the gaps we have in certain state indicators. We also need to continuously provide our community stakeholders with statistical information collected over longer periods of time that reflect the true success of Euclid’s students as compared to a one-time snapshot on a limited number of indicators. This additional data is important for our community to consider when judging the merits of our school district. For example, 43% of Euclid’s 11th graders are currently enrolled in a College Tech Prep class. These juniors will graduate from Euclid High School with industrial certifications that will help them to immediately attain fulll-time employment. Additionally, our college bound students have earned $2.85 million in college tuition in the last three years through our on-campus College Credit Plus partnership with Lake Erie College. These are just a few examples of the many successes our students achieve but cannot yet be measured or reported on the state performance index.
Age 60
Education BS degree from Syracuse University and The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry Associate Degree in Early
Current occupation Early Childhood Educator Director and Lead Teacher at Euclid Cooperative Preschool
Qualifications for office I have 12 year experience as a member of the Euclid Board of Education serving 10 years as Vice President and 2 Years as President. My experience as and early childhood educator provides me with an understanding of how children develop and learn. My years of service provide me with an understanding of Euclid School's finances as well as board policy. I have been an active member of the Euclid School's community since 1992. Since 1992 I have held 26 PTA board positions. I am currently the President of Euclid Council of PTA's as well as the treasurer of Euclid Band and Orchestra Parent Club. I have been an active resident of Euclid for the past 32 years. I served for 10 years as the president of Eastlawn Property Owners Association
Campaign Phone (216) 906-9084
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I am the product of public education and believe in the opportunities a public education provides for children in this country. I realize that the quality of the education provided to children is based on available funding as well as the educational leadership that guides the school system’s classrooms, programming and opportunities. I was fortunate to have had a father who was very involved in our local public school system. He became my role model as I became a parent of four children. As a parent, I became more invested in the Euclid Schools and in 2005, I decided to direct the experience I gained as a parent, volunteer and PTA leader toward becoming a member of the Euclid Board of Education. For the past 12 years, I have worked to provide the best programs and opportunities for Euclid students. As an educator, I contribute my understanding of child development and early learning to the creation of programs and learning opportunities. As a three- term school board member, I have an understanding of the school district’s finances and policies, as well as the needs of Euclid’s students. Most importantly, I am honored to be able to utilize my experience and abilities to serve the children and families of Euclid.
The most significant issues facing Euclid Schools are raising our level of achievement as determined by State testing as well as creating a culture of achievement that results in the graduation of students who are prepared for success. As a district, we have created a Strategic Plan that will guide the district toward addressing these issues through 2021. As a Board member, I participated in the creation of this plan. I believe that this plan will result in an increase in our students’ achievement levels as well as provide students will opportunities that will lead to success after graduation. The plan provides benchmarks to be used to monitor the districts progress. The district has established a goal for classroom instruction that every lesson, to every student, every day must support the achievement of students. District leadership teams, teacher based teams, collaboration involving all levels of school support, the use of best practice and the development of curriculum are all being put in place to focus on improving the achievement of students. Opportunities are continuously being expanded that provide students with the ability to earn college credit or an industrial certification and be successful after graduation.For these initiatives to be successful, it is necessary for all aspects to be followed with fidelity. The administration and Board of Education should constantly be working together to monitor district progress toward as they address these issues.
As a Board member I am concerned about the achievement of students. Euclid Schools did experiences an increase of 1.8 points in performance index which indicates that more of our students are passing state tests. To determine the achievement of a district, an overall grade is given by the state that takes into account the number of students who passed the test, Indicators Met, and how well students performed on the state tests, also known as the Performance Index. As Euclid school have shown some progress in how well our students have done on state tests (a 1.8 point increase in Performance Index) we along with 81 percent of the school districts in the state have received an F in indicators met. An additional 10 percent of districts in the state received a D in indicators met. Understanding these statistics leads one to question what is being tested and how accurate of a measure the published outcomes are in the state report card. Are the grades recorded on state report cards true indicators of the educational success of a school district if 81 percent of districts in the state are educating students who are not receiving passing grades on state tests? This must be determined by statewide school leadership. Boards of Education should participate in the debate. As a board member, I will continue to support district initiatives that address the achievement of our students and provide opportunities that afford the best education to our students.
Age 959
Education B.S. Western Illinois University eMPA Texas Southern University
Current occupation Human Resources Operations
Qualifications for office Current VP of the Euclid City School Board
Campaign Phone (216) 287-0665
Email address
I started my Journey four years ago serving on the Euclid City School board and I don't get joy by not finishing a project but in doing it. I have seen and witness myself in being a voice for our community and this voice still has something to say!
Of course the most recent state report card. I would love to see Critical Thinking back into the classrooms, but with teaching to a standardized test, sometimes the focus can be lost.
The rankings are nothing to celebrate, but at the same time there are many great things going on in Euclid. We just need to continue supporting our children, ensuring we have the right people in the place who want them to be successful. As, long as we keep this type of commitment things will fall in place, we just have to continue to show we CARE! logo


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