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    Kim Aliperti (Dem) Owner, General Manager Billsboro Winery

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    Mark Palmieri (Dem) Executive Director for the Geneva Business Improvement District

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What do you consider to be Geneva’s greatest assets and challenges?

What would be your contributions in addressing these challenges?

What will be your top three priorities if elected?

What are your qualifications and skills for the Town Board position?

How can the City and Town work together to increase efficiencies and decrease the property tax burden?

Campaign Phone (315) 789-7395
Education BA, English, University of New Hampshire 1990 MAT English, Boston University, 2001
Experience I am a former teacher, turned business woman. I own & operate a small winery tasting room. I am active in my community, serving on several boards, including, Boys & Girls Club, Geneva Community Projects, Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty & Town of Geneva Economic Development & Communications Committees.
Endorsements Melissa Nault, Geneva Town Council Mitch Wilber
Party Affiliation Democrat
Geneva's greatest assets are its diverse population & location on Seneca Lake. It is a welcoming place where one can easily get involved and make a difference. Keeping our lake healthy & continuing smart economic growth are our greatest challenges.
As a business owner, involved in the community, I meet people from different backgrounds and am skilled at putting the right people together to make things happen. I will work hard to ensure that best practices and guidelines are followed as we grow.
My first priority for the Town of Geneva will be to maintain our status as a right to farm community. Agriculture is an important and vibrant part of the town's identity. My own business is strongly rooted in agriculture. We are fortunate to have fertile lands that support many crops, from corn to cabbage, to grapes and nurseries. My second priority is to the health of our lake. It is imperative that we take care of Seneca Lake which not only provides us drinking water and recreation, but is crucial to attracting tourists to the area. We need to make sure we all observe best practices to keep our lake healthy & thus our community healthy. My third priority will be to continue to foster smart development which is in line with the best practices and vision outlined in our town code and new comprehensive plan. Growth is vital to our area, but it must occur in a measured and thoughtful manner. We have excellent guidelines currently in place and they need to be observed.
I have lived in Geneva for 17 years, the last 10 in the Town of Geneva. I have raised 3 children in the community, two of whom have now graduated from GHS. I am an active member of our community, serving on multiple boards over the years, including, Boys and Girls Club, Geneva Community Projects, Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty, and League of Women Voters. I have been an active member of the Geneva City School District Budget Advisory Committee and currently serve on the Town Economic Development and Communications Committees. As a parent, business owner and community member, I have an active interest in the future of Geneva. My experience serving the community in multiple organizations, as well as my teacher training, have prepared me for Town Council. I have good listening skills and am happy to work with different people and learn from them. I have helped build a successful business that has just reached its tenth year and gives back to the community I've chosen to call home.
Having lived in the city for 7 years I understand the importance of the city to the town of Geneva. Our schools, library, post office, vibrant downtown, hospital and much more are all located in the city. We should work together to help support those services we have all come to enjoy and depend on. Over the past few years the town has stepped up to support many community organizations that serve both town and city, thus easing some of the burden from the city alone. We can always do more in this area. We can look to other areas where we can help to support the community, in terms of health & wellness, recreation, and entertainment. I am in agreement with our current town supervisor when it comes to transportation, water and sewer projects as well. Shared equipment and labor between the town and city can help us both manage with less manpower and equipment resulting in budget savings for us all.
Campaign Phone (585) 451-2474
Education B.S. Anthropology / Certified Social Studies Teacher 7-12, SUNY Brockport , 1978 MPA (Master's in Public Administration), SUNY Brockport 2005
Experience 4 Year Councilman (currently serving term) IBM Business Analyst (12 years) IR Director / Keuka (14 Years) Human Services Ontario ARC (4 Years)
Party Affiliation Democratic Geneva Strong
I believe Geneva's greatest asset is it's diversity. I've always felt Geneva was a microcosm of America, which is why I've always loved it. Growing up here, I had friends from just about any ethnic background you can think of.
As Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee I have had the opportunity to start making changes that will affect energy conservation, renewable energy and solid waste management, and have supported "ag-friendly" codes.
My top three priorities are solid waste management, fostering renewable energy and maintaining farmlands. By fostering composting and recycling programs less waste will be headed to the landfill. As a result of resolutions passed by the Board solar and other renewables are growing rapidly. Farm-friendly agricultural programs will protect and encourage farming.
My qualifications include the four year term I've served as a Town Councilman, and having been appointed Deputy Supervisor, and I have been Chairperson for the Sustainability and Kashong Conservation Area Committees. I feel I've served the community with enthusiasm and passion, and will do so the next four years. In addition, I have a Master's Degree in Public Administration, and years of experience as business analyst.

I know that the Town has worked with the City on numerous projects, particularly our Highway and Water and Sewer Departments,and they share equipment. I was a member of the Active Transportation Plan, which as a group of City and Town residents looked at improvements in pedestrian and bicycle transportation. These are steps along the way to other City-Town interactions. By building on these, the two municipalities can seek more substantial cooperation. There are a number of communities around the country that have tried other ways to collect revenue through sales taxes, franchise taxes and permit fees. I am open to consider these and other creative ways to reduce or eliminate property taxes. logo


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