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City of Geneva, Supervisor, Wards 5&6

  • Greg Bendzlowicz (Rep)

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    Tamarie Cataldo (Dem) Bartender

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What do you consider to be Geneva's greatest assets and challenges?

What would be your contributions in addressing these challenges?

What will be your top three priorities if elected?

What are your qualifications and skills for the Supervisor position?

How can the City and Town and the City and County work together to increase efficiencies and decrease the property tax?

Education A.A.S. Criminal justice police science. Law enforcement leadership, supervisory and continued professional development training over 30 years.
Experience 30 years of public service, Supervisory and administrative experience, Four years in current position dealing with current County issues, member of the Public Safety, Human services, Government operations and Insurance committees. Chairman of Gov't Ops committee in 2016, Vice Chair of Govt Ops
Party Affiliation Republican Conservative Independence Reform
a) The diversity and sense of community of the residents. b) Fostering growth while balancing environmental impact and unfunded mandates.
Sales tax distribution calculations Continued shared services plans Continue current LSWMP and landfill close plans
Opioid crisis Continued increase of elderly/veterans services Waste reduction efforts - Reduce, reuse, recycle.
30 years of public service, 4 years as Supervisor on related committees and appointment to several special committees.
City, County and Town must continue to make efforts to work with one another on shared services/ economic development, make sure the college pays its fair share and continue to re-evaluate sale tax disbursement formulas.
Campaign Phone (315) 398-9321
Education AAS Horticulture (minor in Natural Resources/Conservation) FLCC 2010
Endorsements Geneva Democratic Party
Party Affiliation Democratic Party Eco-Justice Party
Assets: Cultural diversity, Seneca Lake, our connection to the world-renowned Wine Industry of the FLX, & Proximity (Geneva in relation to larger cities as the epicenter of the FLX) Challenges: Landfill, Accessibility/ Transport & Community Growth
I will work to make sure that job, education, transportation & community engagement opportunities are available to all. I pledge to vote against expansion, new permits and potentially unsafe procedures of the Landfill to protect the public health
Holding local government accountable to their legislation and promises, being a watchdog for constituents to ensure transparency and communication, prioritizing new projects & green businesses that make our region cleaner, safer, & more equitable.
I am a passionate, engaged listener,creative & critical thinker, a single mom who understands the challenges of working families. My land & lake ecology studies is my skill set for defending citizens & fighting for environmental justice.
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